7 Best Offline Navigation Apps For Android and iPhone To Find Directions

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There are a ton of GPS apps that work mostly online. But there may arise many circumstances where you don’t have a stable Internet connection while traveling. Then these apps won’t help you in any way possible. That is where offline navigation apps come into play. Of course, you will need to turn on your device’s location, but apart from that, you will receive turn-by-turn instructions from these apps. Let’s check them out.

Best Offline Navigation Apps That Work Without Internet Connection

1. CoPilot


This free offline GPS app is intentionally built for drivers with offline navigations as the highlight. As soon as you download this app, it will ask you to select the country or region where you want to use this app while driving. The available regions are North America, Europe, India, Austrailia, and New Zealand, South East Asia, Middle East, and South and Central America.

Once you select any of these locations, now you can download the whole map and save it to either Internal or External memory. But in offline mode, you won’t get voice-guided navigation. That only works with a stable internet connection.

Link: Download CoPilot for Android, Download CoPilot for iOS

2. Google Maps

Google Maps

Definitely, the most downloaded and accurate GPS navigation apps available right now. Google Maps is that kind of app which can overshadow any other map app in your smartphone. There’s no doubt that this is the best online map app. But when it comes to offline mode, it still stands tall.

Tap on the menu icon on the top left corner of the app and head over to Offline maps tab. Now drag and select the region which you want to save and start downloading. After that, you can access navigation on that area whenever you are offline. Coming to limitations, you can only use the instructions for four wheelers in offline mode, not for two-wheelers.

Link: Download Google Maps for Android, Download Google Maps for iOS

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3. Here WeGo

Here WeGo

I remember, I used this map back when Windows phone was still a thing. From that time, this app has come a long way. Here maps have become one of the widely used navigation services all over the world. And it also works offline without an Internet connection.

Yes, just like every other offline map, first you have to download the map and save it for later use. The only drawback that I found with this app is that the map size is significantly bigger than the other apps.

Link: Download Here WeGo for Android, Download Here WeGo for iOS



Unlike other maps, this app was specifically designed to serve only for offline purposes. After launching the app with GPS on, this app will automatically start downloading the map based on your region. Map size is also not that big. Once the map is downloaded, you can use it for turn by turn navigation without any hassle.

And you will be able to use most of its features for free of cost without the Internet connectivity. You can use walking, cycling and driving navigation in this app. And users also have the option to book a hotel directly from the app when connected with the Internet.

Link: Download MAPS.ME for Android, Download MAPS.ME for iOS

5. Offline Maps & Navigation

Offline Maps & Navigation

This app uses the combination of online as well as offline services. Of course, you will be able to access maps with almost all features without any Internet connection. But before that, make sure you have downloaded the regional map. Firstly, it will ask you to select the continent, then country and then finally the local state or region.

Offline maps and navigation are only available for Android users. App has various features in terms of navigation like Point of Interests POI, available parking spot details, and voice navigation. Enjoy Driving mode and Dashcam while driving and using this app at the same time.

Link: Offline Maps & Navigation

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6. GPS Navigation & Offline Maps Sygic

GPS Navigation & Offline Maps Sygic

Another offline app for accurate turn by turn navigations. After downloading this app, it will display a pop-up message showing the available internal as well as external storage space, so that you can select accordingly where to save the maps. After that, the app will prompt you to select the region from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. Now you can download the local map which will help you guide the route late when the Internet is disabled. It also provides the Dashcam feature just like the app mentioned above.

Link: Download Sygic Maps for Android, Download Sygic Maps for iOS

7. Karta GPS Offline Navigation

Karta Gps - Best Offline Navigation Apps

One of the most underrated offline navigation apps as of now. Not sure why it is not as recognizable as the other maps. With GPS turned on, it will automatically detect the Country where you are trying to access this app.

After downloading the map, you can continue with the offline navigation services. Most of the features are free of cost. Apart from that, they also pull out the traffic details for you. And the Map working and directions are also smooth.

Link: Download Karta GPS for Android, Download Karta GPS for iOS

Final Words

If you ask me then I won’t be able to suggest anything other than Google Maps. There is a reason why it is the most used free GPS navigation app for both Android and iOS users.

It can be its accuracy in terms of routes, distance, and time. Apart from this app, you can also try Here WeGo maps, surely one of the best offline navigation apps.

Which one do you use? Tell us about it below.

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