[Infographic] Top 10 Hidden Google Maps Features

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You might be using Google Maps for a long time but might not be aware of its hidden tricks. Some of the cool features work on Smartphone app while some work on the desktop. Below I have listed 10 best Google Maps features with infographic.

hidden google maps features

10 Hidden Google Maps Features [Infographic]

10 hidden features of google maps infographic

1) Share Trip Progress location

With the recent update of Google Maps, you can share your trip progress with your contacts. Your contacts can track your real-time location using the share trip progress feature. Here is how you can share your ride progress location using Google Maps.

2) Zoom In Zoom out with One Finger

This is another amazing handy feature of Google Maps. Using one finger helps you can simply zoom in and zoom out on the map. What you have to do is a double tap on the map and hold the finder on the second tap on the screen and scroll up and down to zoom in and zoom out. Note: Don’t release your finger when you double tap on the map and move up and down.

3) Set Multiple Destinations

When you are heading for office in the morning but on the way you have to drop your child to school, then you can set multiple destinations(school and office locations) at once before starting the ride. This is a very convenient feature of Maps to add multiple destinations in Google Maps.

4) Look at Volcano Top View

If you want to look at how volcano looks like from top then Google Maps can do that for you. Open Google Maps apps, search for “Ambrym” using the search bar. At bottom left, you will see a picture, tap on it. Rotate the 360-degree image to find the volcano view from the top. Similarly, you can also search for other active volcanos.

5) Know Previous Locations you have been

Another amazing feature from Google Maps is to look for the places you have been. You can look date or month wise the places you visited. Open Google Maps and choose Your Places from menu and swipe to Visited tab to see location history.

6) Save Frequently Visited Addresses

Save the address which you visits regularly. Like office address or a weekly visit place. This feature helps you not to search for the place every time and directly choose from the saved addresses. If you are using desktop then first locate the place on the map, then on the left side panel, you will see the option of save along with nearby and share. Just click on it to save the address.

7) Get Street View Look

Using Google Street view, you can virtually step inside a museums, restaurants, and landmarks. For this, open Google Maps on the desktop and search for a particular place. Now drop yellow color Pegman from the bottom right on the map. This will immediately give you the street view of that area.

8) Use Voice Commands for Navigation

Voice is one more hidden feature which lets you open and navigates to different places with your voice commands. To use voice commands, tap on speak icon and tell the place you want to see on maps. For example, “how do I get to (name of the place)”.

9) Google Sky Maps

You can access Google Sky Maps from the desktop. It lets you search for celestial objects locations. For example, you can search for the “Crab Nebula” on Google Sky Map search bar and get a beautiful view.

10) Send Location to Phone

Many people feel comfortable on PC for searching a location on Google Maps. You can search the location on PC and then send the location to your device so that you can navigate to that place later whenever required.
For this what you have to do is open Google Maps on the desktop and search for the location. Once the location is shown on the map, you can look for the option “SEND TO YOUR PHONE” on left side panel. Click on it and a notification will be sent to your device using which you can navigate to that location.

I hope some of these unknown Google Maps features were very useful like zoom in zoom out with one finger. If you know some other hidden features and tricks of Google Maps, then do let us know via comments.

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