How to Add Multiple Locations in Google Maps App

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Are you planning a road trip with your friends? Or maybe going out with family for shopping and excursion at the same time? If this seems similar then you should definitely read this tutorial and get to know how you can add multiple destinations in Google maps app. This will help you to add multiple stops and determine the total time for the journey.

Add multiple destinations google maps

There is no denying the fact that Google Maps is a must-have road trip app. More often than not whenever we are headed out on a trip we visit multiple locations. This is where adding multiple places to Google maps can go a long way in planning the journey in an efficient way. It will help you to choose the best route to visit all the locations and accomplish all the tasks(if any). Moreover, you can also see the total time the trip will take which can help you to start the journey at the right time.

So, let us get to it and add multiple locations in Google maps app.

Add Multiple Destinations in Google Maps

1. Turn on Location Services and open Google Maps app on your smartphone.

2. Tap on the blue directions icon at the bottom right corner.

google maps multiple destinations

3. The starting point will be your current location by default. In case you wish to change it then tap on it and enter the desired starting point. Similarly, add a destination.

4. After you add one destination, a new three vertical dots icon will appear. at the top right Tap on it and select Add Stop to add more locations.

add multiple destinations in google maps

5. Tap on the new Add Stop field and enter the other location you wish to visit. The location will be marked with B and the first location you chose will become A.

6. Similarly, it is possible to add other destinations in C, D and so on. You are allowed to have 9 more locations apart from the one which you enter at the start.

You can easily rearrange the multiple locations by long pressing and holding and moving the locations to desired points.

7. If you enter a wrong location accidentally, then you can remove it by tapping on the x icon. It is also possible to edit the location by tapping on the location and entering a new one.

8. After entering all the destinations and their positions, you can see the total time the trip would take. Finally, tap on Done at the top right corner. This will start the navigation.

add multiple locations in google maps

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