7 Best Marine Engineering Apps For Mariners

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There’s a lot on the plate when it comes to seafarers world. Whether it’s rules, navigation, ports, news, reports, and so on. To gain knowledge about all these things, for example, learning about the abbreviations related to the marine life and other things, we have come up with best marine engineering apps that cover all these sections and will definitely help your life on the sea.

Top Android And iOS Apps For Seafarers

1. Seabook

Seabook - best maritime apps

This is a perfect maritime learning app for all the seafarers. It is an offline and free app that can be used as a reference tool to know about all the abbreviations, signals, rules, codes, algorithms, navigationflags, Colreg (Collision regulations), and so on. Seabook is also a great option for those users who want an insight into the marine world.

After opening the app, you can browse through 8 different categories. All these categories are divided into subcategories which contain the information in text, images, and graphical format. Content can be understood even by a newbie because of the simplicity and easy to understand materials.

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2. Marine Insight

Marine Insight app for Mariners

As the name suggests, this is the perfect insight app for mariners. This app includes everything from news, videos, navigation, guidelines, marine tech, safety, careers, life at sea,  and many more. You can easily access all these sections by tapping on the menu icon at the top left corner of the app.

You will find three tabs named News, Videos, and Reports after launching the app. All these tabs are further divided into the list of articles. Simply tap on any article or video you want to read or watch respectively.

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3. Maritime Global News

best marine engineering apps - Maritime global news

This is one of the best online marine news apps. Unlike the other two apps mentioned above, the sole focus of this app is to get the users updated with all the news related to marine engineering.

The news in the app is divided into 6 categories named top news, shipbuilding, contracts, technology, legal, and people & company news. You can refresh these tabs easily by a single tap on the refresh icon at the top right corner of the app.

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4. Maritime World Ports

maritime World ports

This is a very useful Android app for seafarers because it lets you know about all the ports available on the country basis. Using this app, you can either look for ports by Country’s name or by the port number.

The app will display the country, world port index number, region number, the official website, port characteristics and restrictions, port services, supplies, and many more. All these information can be important to someone who is sailing towards a country or a port without having any knowledge regarding that countries port.

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5. Sea Sector

Sea Sector

A personal maritime guide app for sailors available on Android and a Lite version on iTunes. Using this app, you can learn about Colreg, navigation, safety, communication, sailing skills, and meteorology. This app also provides 5 different types of calculators which are the nautical calculator, nautical Alamanc, ETA calculator, Unit converter, and AIS code.

Apart from all these features, you can also participate in Quiz on the app itself. And if you wish to explore more, have a chat with other sea enthusiasts. You can interact with other seafarers by entering into a particular discussion room that you want to.

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6. ITF Seafarers

apps for seafarers - ITF Seafarers

This app is for those users who are looking for an app that can find a vessel as well as ship Inspectors and Unions. There are dedicated sections for each of these categories in the app.

You can find a vessel by entering the ship’s name. After searching for the vessel’s name, the app will display IMO, flag and type of the ship. And for finding Inspector or union, all you have to do is select the country name for which you want to inquire the details.

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7. IMO Collision Regulations

IMO Collision Regulations

If you want to find the rules and regulations related to preventing collisions then this app is for you. All these rules are divided into 6 parts from part A to part F. And they are also divided into subcategories which includes the actual rules.

All the rules and regulations are easy to read and understand. Users can also search for a specific rule by entering the rule number in the search bar instead of browsing through so many categories. Apart from all these, you can also use this app in night mode for ease of usage.

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I have tried to cover all the aspects related to marine engineering apps in this list. So, it is kind of difficult for me to pick a favorite here because every app has its own purpose. All these apps are free and some of them work offline too.

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