Schedule Instagram Posts For Free With These Tools

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In this article, we share a few handpicked tools which allow you to schedule Instagram posts(Photos and Videos) for free from Web/Computer or even Android/iOS app. If you are a brand, Social Media Marketer or a local business then these tools will definitely help you to plan and schedule posts on Instagram.

In today’s world, there is hardly any brand or business which can survive without Social Media Marketing. However, it is not feasible to be active on social media all the time and regularly publish posts at regular intervals as there are so many other important tasks to carry out as well. Here automation comes into picture which is really helpful to keep your engagement high on Social Media at all times.

So, let us have a look at the following tools which we have tried and worked well for us to Schedule Instagram photos and videos.

Schedule Instagram Posts

The first two tools are absolutely free of cost but there is a limitation with them. They will just plan and schedule the posts but you still need to publish them manually using the Android/iOS app.

The third and the final tool is a paid service with a 7-day free trial. It is absolutely awesome and there is no manual intervention once posts are scheduled. They get published from the Web itself and there is no need for an app.

Let us dive into the details.

1. CrowdFire

The screenshots and steps used are from the iOS app but fundamentally the steps remain the same for the Android app as well.

We have already used Crowdfire App as a solution for sending automated direct messages on Instagram/Twitter.

Well, this app is packed with features and it can allow you to Schedule posts as well. Now to start, download and install the Crowdfire app on your Android or iOS device.

1. After the installation completes, open the app and Connect your Instagram account by entering the credentials. Tap on Authorize to give Crowdfire access to your account. Most importantly Allow the app to send Notifications.

You can always revoke third-party websites/apps access on Instagram whenever desired.

2. Now, tap on the Menu(three horizontal lines) at the top left corner and select Publish.

3. Next, tap on the airplane icon at the bottom center to compose the post.

Schedule Instagram posts

4. Tap on the Camera icon to select a Photo and enter the desired caption with hashtags.

5. Now, tap on the up arrow icon beside Best Time button and select Schedule.

schedule posts on instagram Android

You may select Best time and the app will determine and set an optimal time to post on its own. But for now, we are interested in Scheduling the posts ourselves.

6. Set the day and time and tap Done.

7. At last, tap on Schedule.

crowdfire app schedule insta posts android ios

With this, your post is ready to be published at the selected time.

You can always edit or delete a Scheduled post if desired. To do that tap on Menu and select Publish. Swipe down on the next screen to refresh so that your scheduled posts will be listed.

Tap on the post which you want to edit or delete and you will get those options.

Edit Scheduled Instagram posts

You can Edit the caption, photo/video and date/time of the Scheduled post here.

You can also plan and schedule posts from their website on PC as well. Connect your Instagram account and click on the Publish icon on the left sidebar.

Click on Add Image tp upload image from your computer. Next, enter the desired caption. Now click on the Calendar icon beside Best Time button and set the date and time you wish. Finally, click on Schedule.

free tools to schedule instagram posts

You can Edit the Scheduled post from the website as well.

Publishing The Scheduled Post

But, as I briefly mentioned earlier that this tool only plans and schedule posts but doesn’t publish automatically. So, you will get a notification on your smartphone at the time the post is scheduled for publishing. So, in order to publish scheduled posts, the app has to be installed on your device even if you scheduled the posts using Crowdfire website.

1. Tap on the notification you receive from Crowdfire. It will be something like “It’s time to post for @username“.

notification at the time of scheduling insta post crowdfire
Notification received at the time the post is Scheduled

2. On tapping the notification Crowdfire app will open and load your post. The caption you set for the post will be copied to your device clipboard and the following screen will appear. Select Copy to Instagram.

publish scheduled posts on instagram

3. With this, the Instagram app will open with the photo loaded and you can go ahead with the process you follow while posting a photo/video on Instagram. Tap on the caption area and select Paste to give the selected caption to the scheduled post.

Let us look at the second tool.

2. Later

The working of this tool is similar to Crowdfire when it comes to scheduling Instagram posts. You will need the Later Android or iOS app installed on your device for scheduling to work.

You can even Schedule posts from their Website.

Schedule Instagram posts on Web using Later

But you need the app to get the notification of the scheduled post and finally publish it.

later schedule post notification instagram
Tap on the notification to publish the scheduled posts

The process to use the Later app and website are straightforward and you can easily set them up. Follow the video below to have more clarity on scheduling Instagram photos and videos using Later.

Now, it is time for the third and the last tool.

3. Push.Photo

This tool doesn’t need your access to the smartphone to schedule posts. This is a perfect tool if you are looking to post on Instagram from PC and schedule posts at the same time.

Unlike the other two tools above, you just need to schedule the posts from their Website and everything will be taken care by them. There is no need to publish them manually.

1. To get started, visit their Website. Register using Email Id and a password. Also, be careful in selecting time zone as scheduling time depends on it.

2. Now click on Add Instagram Account and enter the credentials of Instagram account for which you want to schedule posts.

3. To allow Push.Photo to access your Instagram account, open the app on your smartphone and tap “It Was Me” when the below message appears.

give access to instagram account

4. After this click on I Confirmed on their website.

Publish and Schedule Instagram posts from Web

5. After confirming, click on + icon to create a post.

6. On the next page click on Browse to select a photo from your PC or Mac.

7. Set a date/time and caption. Click on Push.

schedule instagram posts from pc

That is it, now you can easily schedule and publish Instagram posts from Web/Computer and there is no need for any app.  They also have options to delete/edit Scheduled posts caption, date or time.

We hope that these tools will help you in automating and scheduling your Instagram posts. You may choose any of the three tools according to your requirement. Let us know your experience with these tools if you have already tried them.

Which tool do you use for Scheduling Instagram posts?

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