How to Schedule iMessage and WhatsApp Messages on iPhone Without Jailbreak

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Scheduling messages have a lot of benefits in many situations. Be it wishing friends on their birthday, greeting family and relatives on a festival or an important message to a client/colleague. Keeping this mind, we bring to you the easiest and the best solution to schedule iMessage and WhatsApp messages on iPhone for free in this article. The beauty of this method is that you don’t have to jailbreak your iOS device in order to schedule text messages.

Schedule iMessage and WhatsApp messages on iPhone without jailbreak

If you are an Android user then you can follow the tutorial to schedule WhatsApp message on Android without root. Using the procedure given here you will be able to schedule text messages, iMessage, WhatsApp messages and calls on your iPhone/iPad. Unfortunately, due to the limitations which Apple imposes the process is not quite automated completely and there is manual intervention required. But believe me, this is the best shot you have got to schedule iMessage and WhatsApp message on a non-jailbroken iOS device.

So, let us get to it.

Schedule iMessage and WhatsApp Messages

1. Download and install the Scheduled app on the App Store from the following link. It is a freemium app which means that it is free to use and for advanced features, you can go for in-app purchases if desired.

The free features work well for me and I hope they should be enough for you too.

2. After installing the app, open it and tap Continue on the welcome screen.

3. Next, tap on Enable Notifications and Allow Scheduled to send push notifications. This is an important step and push notifications is a key for this app to work effectively.

4. Now, select Create Message to compose your first scheduled message. You will see the following screen.

Schedule iMessage on iPhone no jailbreak

5. Tap on To Whom? and allow Scheduled to access your Contacts. Your contact list will open. Select the contact to whom you wish to schedule message.

Similarly, type the message by tapping on Your Personal Message… field.

6. Tap on When? to set date and time for the scheduled message. Actually, the time you set here is the time you will be reminded via notification to send the message.

7. After you are happy with your selections, tap on Schedule at the top right corner or Schedule Message at the bottom.

Schedule Text or WhatsApp Messages on iPhone for free without jailbreak

8. When the time you set above arrives, you will get a push notification reminding you to send the message. Tap on the notification.

9. The Scheduled app will open with that message ready to send. Either tap on Send at the top right or Send With at the bottom.

Schedule WhatsApp messages on iOS without jailbreak

You will get the option to send the message via iMessage/SMS and WhatsApp. If you have Telegram app installed then you will get that too. You can even Call.

How to send scheduled text messages on iPhone

You can choose the desired option and proceed to send the scheduled message. The selected app will open with the message ready to send to that particular contact.

This app basically reminds you of the scheduled message via notification which you have to send manually. If you consider the restrictions in iOS, this is a pretty good app in my opinion to schedule messages.

We hope that you were able to schedule iMessage and WhatsApp messages on the iOS device without jailbreak for free using this guide. If you think the article is useful then please share it on social media.

Do you know any other better method/app to schedule messages on iPhone? Share with us in the comments.

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