How To Read Text Messages From Another Phone Without Them Knowing

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Do you want to read someone’s text messages without them knowing?

You could be a parent just checking on your young children’s digital lives. You might be worried about scammers trying to get into your elderly parent’s bank accounts. You might want to ensure that no trade secrets are leaked through the company phone.

As you can see, being able to read another person’s text messages can be an incredibly useful tool when you need it.

Whatever your reasons might be, this article will discuss the best ways that you can read other people’s text messages without them knowing. Let’s begin!

3 Ways To Read Text Messages From Another Phone

There are three main methods you can use to read another’s text messages in secret, and all of them use third-party services.

Spy apps and parental management apps like mSpy, uMobix, and FlexiSpy are the best ways to read text messages on someone’s phone.

This section will discuss the exact steps to take when using these spy apps so that you can read other people’s text messages. Also, take note that I’ll be using a rooted Android phone for the tutorials.


mSpy website landing page

mSpy is one of the most popular spy apps in the market.

Among all the spy apps in the market, mSpy is one of the most popular and established. This app has been around since the heyday of the industry and has always been a market leader.

The key to mSpy’s popularity is its focus on parental management. In fact, mSpy is very parent-friendly. The app is easy to install, the platform is easy to navigate, and the features are sufficiently reliable.

This spy app gives users access to many different tracking features.

For one, parents can use mSpy to monitor phone data. This can include phone logs, browser history, calendar settings, and more. More importantly, it can also monitor text messages. This way, parents can read their children’s text messages without them knowing.

Aside from these features, mSpy has plenty of others that help keep children safe.

mSpy monitors social media accounts like Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Parents can use this to ensure that their kids are having healthy online interactions with their friends.

Parents can also keep tabs on their children’s real-life location with mSpy’s location tracking function.

That said, these features do not come cheap. At $69.99 for just one month of monitoring one mobile phone, the costs can add up fast. You do get discounts for long-term subscriptions, though. Three months cost $119.99 and one year costs $199.99.

How To Track Text Messages With mSpy

Now that you know all about mSpy, I’ll discuss the step-by-step process of how to read text messages from another phone without them knowing.

Before we begin with the steps though, keep in mind that mSpy is a paid service. This means that you can’t use their services without getting a subscription first.

So, the first step to using mSpy is buying a subscription plan from their website.

It will take you about 3 minutes

Here’s how to use mSpy to monitor someone’s text messages.

  1. First, sign in to your mSpy account.

    mSpy login page

  2. Then, you need to get the target mobile device to proceed with the setup. Go to the Play Store on the target phone.

    Google Play Store icon

  3. Tap the profile icon at the top-right corner of the screen to bring up this pop-up window. From these choices, pick Play Protect.

    Play Protect in Google Play Store

  4. When you get to the Play Protect page, look for the deactivate setting by tapping the gear button at the top-right corner of the page. 

    Play Protect with highlighted gear icon

  5. Turn off the toggle button. This will disable Play Protect and let you install mSpy.

    Play Protect settings with button to toggle it off

  6. From there, go back to the platform where you logged in earlier, and follow the setup instructions that you can find on the page. Once you’ve successfully installed the spy app to the device, you should see the mSpy dashboard on your desktop.

    Mspy dashboard with graph data

  7. You can now monitor someone else’s text messages from your mSpy platform. To intercept text messages from the mSpy dashboard, go to the left-hand toolbar. You can usually see this function right at the very top, so click Text Messages to be redirected.

    Mspy text message with graph data

  8. You should then see a window with all the text messages on the target mobile phone.

    Mspy text message dashboard

This is a great spy app that can help parents keep their children safe, but it also has its disadvantages. To help you choose whether this service is the right one for you, I’ve written an in-depth review of the app.

If you’re convinced and want to try, subscribe to mSpy now!

You can also watch this video to see how mSpy works:

YouTube player


uMobix cell phone trackers website landing page

uMmobix is another leading cell phone monitoring solution that you can use to spy on someone’s text messages.

Like mSpy, uMobix is designed to let parents keep track of their children’s digital well-being, so it’s filled with all kinds of features that allow that.

For instance, in terms of monitoring, uMobix can go toe-to-toe with mSpy. This spy app does not only let you view your children’s text messages, but it can also view browser history, calendar, emails, and more.

Parents can also use uMobix to check on their children’s social media apps. With this app, you can make sure that your children’s Facebook, Instagram, or even Snapchat feed is safe from bad influence and potential danger.

Like mSpy, uMobix also has location monitoring with it, so you can track the target device’s GPS location.

One of the things that uMobix has an edge over mSpy is its easy installation process. While mSpy is generally easy enough to install, uMobix takes things a step further by automating this cumbersome installation process. This makes it easier for even non-tech-savvy people to use.

It’s cheaper than mSpy too, starting at $29.99 a month for the Basic package, then moving up to $59.99 a month for the Full subscription. You get a discount if you subscribe for a longer period of time, paying only $99.99 for three months, and $179.88 for one year.

How To Track Text Messages With uMobix

Just like mSpy, uMobix also requires a paid subscription, so the first thing you need to do before you can track someone’s text messages is to pay for a plan that fits your needs best.

Once you’ve secured a subscription, follow the steps below to learn how to track someone’s text messages (and even Hangouts) with uMobix.

  1. Go to the uMobix website and log in.
uMobix login page
  1. Disable Play Protect on the target device. You can do this by going to the Play Store.
Google play store icon
  1. From the Play Store main window, tap your profile picture on the top-right corner of the phone. This will display a set of options, which should include the Play Protect option.
Google play store play protect
  1. As long as Play Protect is turned on, installing software like uMobix won’t be allowed by the phone, so you need to disable it. Tap the gear icon on the top right corner.
Play protect Google play store
  1. From the resulting options, disable the Play Protect option by tapping the toggle button.
Toggle play protect off
  1. The Play Protect option should be disabled and look like this. This means that your phone won’t scan the spy apps you install anymore, and you can proceed with installing uMobix.
Play protect turned off
  1. Next, use the QR code or the given link to download the APK file to the target device. When it’s downloaded, go ahead and install it.
uMobix QR code to download APK file
  1. Installing uMobix will require you to grant a few of the permissions yourself. Just tap AGREE AND CONTINUE and then follow the instructions.
uMobix agree and continue
  1. Eventually, you will reach the automated stage. Simply tap the button to automatically install the app while you wait.
uMobix setup automatically
  1. Follow the remaining steps. Once the app is finally installed, you should see this on the desktop platform that you’re logged into.
uMobix go to dashboard
  1. To intercept text messages, go to the left-side toolbar to look for the Text Messages feature and click it.
Left side toolbar of uMobix dashboard to intercept messages
  1. This will display the text messages of the target phone for your perusal.
Display text messages in uMobix dashboard

Here’s a video showing how the installation works.

YouTube player

uMobix is an affordable and competent alternative to mSpy – so I’d understand if you want to try it out now.

But I recommend knowing more about this spy app and comparing it to other cell phone monitoring solutions around. You can also just read my detailed review of uMobix.


FlexiSpy monitoring software website landing page

FlexiSpy is another well-known spy app that has existed for some time.

Like both uMobix and mSpy, FlexiSpy makes for a great comprehensive way to take charge of your family’s digital well-being. With FlexiSpy’s features and tools, you have a wide variety of monitoring options to employ for any occasion.

Just like the other two apps, FlexiSpy lets you monitor more than just the text messages in the target phone. It can also let you look at the target device’s calendar, emails, browser history, apps, and more.

It can also monitor a long list of social media and instant messaging platforms to make sure nothing escapes your observation. Plus, it can also track the GPS location of the target device to keep your children protected in the physical world too.

That said, among the three choices in this article, FlexiSpy has the most features. Aside from monitoring data and tracking physical location, FlexiSpy even allows you to execute commands remotely.

With this spy app, you can take pictures with the target device, listen to the phone’s surroundings, and even remotely reformat the phone at the click of a button. This ensures holistic protection and immediate action, in case you notice that something’s wrong.

However, it has its cons, too. This spy app is more expensive compared to other spy apps. In fact, it’s the most expensive choice among these three.

Its subscriptions prices begin with Lite at $29.95 a month, then moves up to Premium at $68.00 a month, $99.00 for three months, and $149.00 for one year. The highest access level is the Extreme, which is available for $199.00 for three months and $349.00 for one year.

How To Track Text Messages With FlexiSpy

Just like the other spy apps listed here, you can only track text messages with FlexiSpy after you’ve paid for a subscription.

Don’t worry, although FlexiSpy is the most expensive of the bunch, you don’t have to pay for the more expensive packages if all you want is the ability to monitor text messages.

Once you’ve paid for a subscription and received your login details, follow the steps below.

  1. Installing FlexiSpy is like installing mSpy and uMobix, with a few extra steps. First, go to the platform to log in.
FlexiSpy login portal
  1. But before you can install the app, go to your target phone and go to the Play Store.
Google play store icon
  1. On the Play Store homepage, go to the top-right corner and tap your profile picture. This will reveal a menu with Play Protect being one of the choices. Tap this.
Play protect google
  1. This will reveal the Play Protect functionality. To disable Play Protect and allow the FlexiSpy app to install, tap the gear icon on the top right.
Google play protect
  1. It will reveal a set of options, one of which you can tap to disable Play Protect. Tap the slider button and confirm your choice to disable this security feature on the target phone.
Disable play protect in Google app store
  1. On the FlexiSpy dashboard, FlexiSpy will be asking you if you want to install with a service or manually. For this tutorial, we’ll go with manual installation.
Manual installation of FlexiSpy app
  1. Pick which device where you will install FlexiSpy. In this case, pick Android. Whether it’s rooted or unrooted is up to you, but FlexiSpy offers features for both. Let’s go with the unrooted option for this one, though the process is virtually the same.
Installing FlexiSpy on un rooted android device
  1. On the next page, you will be asked to pick the brand of the target device where you’re installing the app.
Install FlexiSpy on non-rooted android device
  1. FlexiSpy will then show instructions for installation on the screen. For instance, here are the instructions for an unrooted device. Follow these to download the FlexiSpy APK to the target device.
Installing FlexiSpy on unrooted version of android device
  1. Installing FlexiSpy requires a lot of manual permissions since it doesn’t have the same automated installation feature as uMobix. Expect to take some time in installing this spy software on the target phone.
Installation to sync services inside the FlexiSpy app
  1. Nevertheless, don’t worry – FlexiSpy has all the installation instructions laid out for you on their website.
Accepting installation terms in FlexiSpy
  1. When you’ve fully installed FlexiSpy, this screen should show up on the target device. This is your dashboard, and from here you can navigate to the feature that lets you monitor the text messages.
Fully installed FlexiSpy dashboard
  1. To do so, go to the left-hand toolbar and click the Data drop-down menu. This will reveal a long list of features and tools that FlexiSpy can use to monitor the target device for you.
FlexiSpy data dropdown menu
  1. To intercept text messages, tap SMS.
FlexiSpy SMS intercept dashboard
  1. This will reveal a window that shows you someone’s text messages without their phone. 
FlexiSpy app dashboard

FlexiSpy is a very capable spy app that lets you monitor someone’s messages without their phone, but it’s far more than that. This app also has an arsenal of other features for whatever monitoring needs you have, so try it out now!

If you’re not sure yet, you can read more about FlexiSpy and all its features in my full review.

Here’s a short video showing FlexiSpy.

YouTube player


Is There An App That Allows You To Read Other People's Texts?

here is an app that allows you to read other people’s texts. Third-party spy apps on iOS and Android devices often have a feature allowing you to see other people’s SMS messages without their phones. This tutorial talked about three of the best ones: mSpy, uMobix, and FlexiSpy.

Can You Spy On Someone's Text Messages Without Installing Software?

Sometimes, you can spy on someone’s text messages without installing software. This is usually only available to jailbroken iOS devices that use iCloud, though. Installing software is usually needed if you want to spy on SMS messages without your phone on Android devices.

Reading Someone’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing: In Conclusion

The world is becoming a more dangerous place by the day, so it’s up to us to take our digital well-being into our hands. Whether you’re a family member, businessman, or spouse, you need to know how you can monitor somebody’s messages without their phone.

This in-depth article showed you three ways that you can do this: through mSpy, uMobix, and FlexiSpy. Note that not all spy apps allow you to monitor texts!

With these three spy apps and the comprehensive steps that we discussed, you can easily monitor text messages whether it’s on an iOS or Android device.

Just keep in mind that you may need to recover the messages that were deleted before being able to read them.

Did you like this article? Let me know in the comments!

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Tech editor and senior writer Michael Duong is passionate about technology and innovation. He codes open-source projects and plays quiz games in his free time. An expert in his field and an avid learner, always seeking to expand his knowledge and skills in the ever-evolving world of technology. His specialization is mobile security and mobile data safety. Follow Michael on Twitter and Github.

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