MX Player Vs VLC: Comparison Between The Best Players

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Only two apps stand at the top when it comes to video players. MX Player and VLC. Both provide some unique features and easy to use interface which sets them apart from the competition. They both offer similar Software and Hardware decoder settings which are helpful in playing videos on every device starting from low budget phones to High-end premium devices. But it can be confusing to decide which one to choose between these two best video players. So check out this MX Player Vs VLC comparison which can help you decide which one is best for you.

MX Player Vs VLC – Which One Is Better?

MX Player vs VLC


MX player is only available on Android and iOS.

Whereas VLC is available on all the mobile platforms as well as the desktop by the name VLC Media Player. Because of this reason VLC is globally used and recognized.

Winner – VLC


You will have to face three kinds of ads while using MX player. One that is placed between your video files and another one which pops up every now and then and covers the whole screen. And also one that is displayed whenever you pause or stop a video. They provide a premium version called MX player pro to get rid of all the annoying ads.

MX Player Ads

VLC is completely free and contains no ads whatsoever.

Winner – VLC


When you launch any of these apps, you can clearly spot the differences in their overall look and appeal.

MX has a casual soothing look and a bright colored theme. The main focus of this app is on video content that is why you won’t find menus and other distractions.


VLC gives you the professional look and the same old vintage VLC theme with orange and white colors.

VLC Interface Android and iOS app

Winner – MX Player


Earlier, VLC didn’t use to have basic video controls like locking your video screen so that you don’t get disturbed while enjoying your videos and access to screen crop ration like MX Player. But now they have also added the same features in one of their upgrades.

MX Player Controls

The only difference left now is magnification gestures. You can easily zoom in and zoom out of your videos in MX player but is not yet included in VLC.

Winner – MX Player

Audio Player

This is one of the biggest drawbacks of using MX player. It is very good for playing videos but you can not play your audio files here. So you have to install a different music player for your audio files.

VLC Media Player audio

VLC, on the other hand, lets you play audio files as well, therefore, making VLC an all in one Player app for mobiles. You don’t need any other app for your music files. It also lets you even set your favorite track as a ringtone which many music player apps lack.

Winner – VLC


Users can expect regular updates from MX player developers. They constantly include new features and functionalities which keeps this app interesting and useful.

Don’t expect updates from VLC. Their developers try to stick to the basics. Instead of providing new features, they focus on improving stability and resolve bug issues through updates.

Winner – MX Player


Fortunately, both the apps provide the option of attaching or downloading subtitles online. But MX player provides more customization even while playing the video to the subtitles like:

  • Subtitle synchronization
  • Speed
  • Font
  • Size
  • Scale
  • Color
  • Background color
  • Border
  • Shadow
  • Fade-outMX Player Subtitles

Sadly, VLC provides none of them.

Winner – MX Player

Video Streaming

VLC provides you a feature of video streaming through which you can easily stream videos from your PC to your hand-held device by connecting to the same Wifi network.

MX does not support video streaming.

Winner – VLC


As I have mentioned earlier, VLC provides their services totally free and MX has a paid version for those who don’t want any kind of ads on the screen. To be honest, the free version is not bad at all, so it all depends on your convenience.

Winner – VLC

Who Wins?

In the comparison between MX Player vs VLC, my pick would definitely be VLC. I was using MX Player for so many years but after trying VLC, I just couldn’t switch back.  You get a great package of video player plus an audio manager which supports all audio formats. Eventually, it all comes down to priorities. I have chosen mine. What’s yours?

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