10 Best Subtitle Apps For Android And iPhone

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As our mobile phones keep getting smarter and bigger, we are getting increasingly aware that watching movies and shows on smartphones is a deal more comfortable than watching them on the laptop. Why? Well, to begin with, you can watch anywhere, anytime: in the office, on the bus, on the couch and even while walking (though, not a safe option). Mobility is driving the world, and entertainment is just the next destination. But one thing still alludes us- getting the right subtitles.

Subtitles are important for many reasons. For one, they help us understand the dialogues when there is too much noise or the accent is too thick. In case we are not aware of the language, we can always find subtitles in our native language. The traditional approach is to download subtitles from the websites. However, the procedure is something like this:

  • Go to the website
  • Search for the subtitles of the movie/show
  • Download them
  • Insert them in the movie/show

Sounds tiring and sloppy, right? Thankfully, there are apps that could help us out from this situation. Here are 10 great apps for fetching subtitles with ease on your Android and iOS devices.

Subtitle Apps for Android and iPhone Users

1) GMT Subtitles

subtitle apps for android and iphone - gtmsubs

“Efficient” is the word that describes this app. It automates almost everything, thus minimizing the efforts from your side. To begin with, its scans all the video files on your phone and maintains a list of videos that have subtitles associated with them. For the videos you need the subtitle for, all you have to do is tap once, and the list of available subtitles would be there for you. Though the app does not perform well for videos with less or no information, it is a great tool overall. The simple UI is another plus point that makes it a must-have for you.

Link: GMT Subtitles

2) MightySubs


Another subtitle app for Android is MightySubs. Even though it might look like an app for the community rather than utility, it is just a misconception. The truth is, MightySubs can be really powerful once unlocked to its full potential. And by “full potential” I mean ‘paid version”. However, the free version is also good enough. Creating a profile is mandatory for using this app, even though the process is simple enough and would help you in the long run. The app uses multiple subtitle fetchers to get the best subtitles for you. However, the free version has a daily download limit of 10 subtitles, which is removed in the paid version. Furthermore, the paid version supports subtitles in more than 20 languages.

Link: MightySubs

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3) SubLoader


The USP of SubLoader is perhaps its user interface, which says that it means business. SubLoader supports almost all file formats and makes use of some of the biggest subtitle fetchers for getting the subtitles for you. The app supports up to 45 languages and can work simultaneously between them. You have to face ads in the free version, which is removed in the paid version.

Link: Sub Loader

4) GetSubtitles

best subtitle apps - getsubs

If you are an easy-going fellow who wants things done by just a click, GetSubtitles is the app for you. In fact, the app runs an automatic scan of all the videos you have on your phone and fetches the appropriate subtitles for them. If you are not okay with this level of automation, you can always disable the feature and go for manual search. The entire process, in either case, is fast and efficient. Furthermore, the simple, basic user interface is quite straightforward and to-the-mark.

Link: Android

5) Subtitles Viewer!


One of the best subtitle apps on iOS, Subtitles Viewer! is as efficient as they come. The app could add the required subtitles in any language you might want, with just a tap. But wait, there is more. Subtitles Viewer! could also play just the subtitles, so that you can read them while watching the movie on TV or cinema hall. Neat and efficient, isn’t it?

Link: iOS

6) Overvideo


If in case you want to add custom text to your videos in the form of subtitles instead of downloading it from some other source, this app is perfect for you. To begin with, there is a host of fonts and styles available, which you could use while creating subtitles. You can select particular clips that you want to add subtitles too. In addition, you can even add background score to the videos, making them all the more impressive.

Link: Overvideo

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7) Mysubtitle


This is another app that could be used to create custom subtitles and add them to the videos. Why? Well, because textual cues really work well in conveying additional info while a video is being played. It could also be used to create subtitles, which you could share with others. But the best reason to use it is due to its adorable simplicity, which makes it accessible to every beginner.

Link: MySubtitle

8) Subtitles for Movies & TV series

Subtitles for Movies & TV series

This is a great app to search for subtitles from your Android phone. The best part about this app is that it does not contain any ads. And the app is totally free. After launching the app, it will automatically detect all movies and videos available on the phone and subtitles along with those videos.

Searching for the subtitle is super easy. Just enter the movie name and that’s it. This will list all the subtitle files available. Download any one according to your needs and enjoy. Or simply click on the video or movie and the app will take care of the rest.

Link: Android

9) Subtitle for Movie

Video Maker of Photos with Music & video editor

A simple and small app for searching subtitles for your favorite movies. Searching operation is quick and sleek. Apart from the subs, it also displays the latest and most popular movies when we launch the app. Tap on any movie which you like and easily find the list of subtitles available. The subtitles are available in multiple languages which is always good to have.

Link: Android

10) Subtitles


One of the easiest subtitle app available in the market. The user interface is simple and easy. Just like other apps, it will detect all the videos and movies on your phone. In order to check the subtitle available, just tap on the video. Or you can directly search for subtitle by entering the movie name in the search bar and it will do the same. And these are also available in multiple languages.

Link: Android

So whether it is a movie or a show, the above subtitle apps will help you get an appropriate subtitle on your mobile device. So pick up the best app and enjoy watching videos with text.

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