7 Best Dance Learning Apps For iPhone And Android

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They say that dancing is a form of art and a way of life. But when you are just starting to learn how to dance, it can be quite tricky. Even if you are a pro at one form of dance, you might want to try out a new style. Well, we have good news if you are keen to learn dance and its various forms. We have a list of 7 best dance learning apps. You just need to install these apps on your iOS or Android smartphone and follow the instructions. The apps are so accurate that they would track your progress too.

Best Dance Learning Apps

1. Belly Dance Lessons

Belly Dance Lessons app

The Shakira fans are going to love this app. Yes, you are actually going to learn belly dancing with this app even if you are a novice. The videos cover everything from beginner level to the expert level. You just have to watch them and follow the lead. The choreographies are amazing and you can practice as much as you can.

The good thing about belly dancing is that it not only looks elegant but also helps to tuck in your tummy.

Platform: Android

2. Pole Motion

Pole Motion iOS App to learn dance

This is yet another popular app to learn dance which teaches pole dancing. Now, pole dancing may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is definitely an alluring form of dance. Also, it keeps you fit. If you are looking for an app which can teach you to be confident while pole dancing, Pole motion is something you must try.

The app also features warm up sessions so that you don’t go to extreme dancing right away. It would give enough strength to your muscles.

Platform: iOS

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3. Hip Hop Dance w/ Harlem Shake

Hip Hop w Harlem Shake app

There is no better way to learn hip-hop dancing other than watching Harlem Shake videos in full HD. And that too for free. Further, if we add amazing technical support to the app, wouldn’t it be your go-to dance teacher when it comes to hip-hop?

Once you learn the dance moves, you would be able to impress your friends easily. You can learn as and when you want, at your own speed. You would also get text and video instructions so that you can pick them up and start practicing.

Platform: Android

4. Crazy Flamenco Rumba Dance

Crazy Flamenco Rumba Dance App

This app is for those people who want to be a pro at Rumba dancing. You can start from basic steps and then move to advanced levels. So, no matter what proficiency level you are currently at, the Crazy Flamenco Rumba Dance app is going to rock you and teach you for the better.

When you are learning Rumba, step counting is important and this app has the perfect algorithm to teach you the step patterns.

Platform: iOS

5. Zumba Dance Exercise

Dance Learning apps - Zumba Dance Exercise

Zumba dancing form combines dancing and exercise. The Zumba Dance Exercise gives you the perfect environment to start your Zumba sessions. You can simply turn on the app and it would help you choose the right track as per your pace.

There is a large collection of Zumba dancing videos also so that you can watch them before jumping onto the dancing field. And the best part is that you can be a novice and still opt for Zumba dance learning. If you practice regularly with the help of Zumba Dance Exercise app, you would be a pro within a month.

Platform: Android

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6. Salsa Rhythm

Salsa Rhythm - Dance app

Salsa is a popular dance form and most couples would want to perform it at least once. But since we have got so busy these days, we don’t get time to join Salsa classes. Well, guess what? Salsa Rhythm app comes to your rescue. You can learn the basic moves and then practice with a virtual partner.

You can watch videos as a start and then choose to be a leader or a follower. If you want, you can choose to be a leader for a few sessions and a follower for another few sessions. Also, you can choose whether you want a female partner or a male partner.

Platform: iOS

7. Pocket Salsa

Apps to learn dance - Pocket Salsa Free

This is a paid app but Play Store has a basic version of this one which is absolutely free for you to try. The unique feature of this app which has bagged it such a high rating is the style of the video lessons. They are so intriguing that you would be forced to sit up and start practicing right away. There is also an option to buy additional videos when you are done learning the free ones.

Dance Learning App - Pocket Salsa Free

So, next time you decide to go to a salsa night club, you won’t be sitting there watching others perform. Rather, you would be a performer yourself. Pocket Salsa would teach you such awesome salsa dance moves!

Platforms: iOS | Android

Now that you know about many apps that would help you perfect your dance moves, what are you waiting for? Get them today and start your practice session now!

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