5 GIMP Alternative Tools for Mac and Windows

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GIMP is a popular tool available for the various platforms for photo editing. But what if GIMP is not working on your system or you are not able to achieve what you want to edit in a picture? No worries, here are the GIMP alternative tools for Mac and Windows to enhance your photos.

Some of the software’s I have mentioned are online tools, so you do not have to download anything and you can directly start editing photos by visiting the website.

GIMP Alternative Software’s To Enhance Photos

1) Paint.NET

softwares like gimp -paintnet

Paint.NET is a free software for photo editing available only for Windows systems. It is seen as a good alternative to GIMP tool. Its simple user interface lets anyone get aware with its features very quickly. The tool was originally developed as the replacement of Microsoft Paint.

The software requires Microsoft’s .NET Framework in order to work. If it is not installed on your system, it will automatically install it. Paint.NET is very small in size, only 6.7MB. So start playing with your photos with this lightweight software.

Link: Website

2) Pixelmator

software like gimp to edit photos -pixelmator

Pixelmator is an image editor for Mac and not for Windows OS. This is a paid software which you can download from Mac App Store for $29.99. You can edit any kind of picture file format like JPEG, PNG, BMP and even the PSDs so that you can get any image size without losing the quality.

There are more than 150 color correction features and 100+ effects to take your picture to the next level. Effects like blur, sharpen, halftone, tile and distortion are available.

Pixelmator team has a forum for its users where they have provided the tutorials to quickly learn the software. If you came across a problem while editing a picture, you can always post it on the forum and it will be answered by their team.

Link: Website

3) Pixlr

gimp alternatives for mac and windows -pixlr

If you are a beginner and don’t know much about photo editing then you can go with Pixlr. Pixlr is an online image editing tool which is very user-friendly and easy to use. The task of making the background transparent, resizing, and applying different color shades are very easy to achieve. To edit the image, you can import an image from your computer or directly open using image URLs.

You do not need to sign up or login in order to edit image imported from your computer. But to use images from Pixlr, Facebook or another library, you have to sign up.

Link: Website

4) PhotoScape

gimp alternative softwares for mac and windows -photoscape

PhotoScape is another software like GIMP. It is not only an image editor but also a photo viewer. Various filters and film effects are available to choose from. Use stickers & brush to create cool and animated like photos. The tool lets you make the beautiful collage in various angles. You can also create animated GIFs with its gif creator feature.

If you are a Windows 10 or Mac user then you need to download PhotoScape X. The link is given below.

Link: Website/Windows 10 or Mac

5) PicMonkey

online tool alternative to gimp -picmonkey

Another online image editing tool is PicMonkey which is similar to Pixlr. You can go with the free trial available for 7 days. To start with photo editing you need to sign up using your email id or directly through Facebook and start using stunning effects.

The tool has Primo touch up feature which works for eye tint, mascara and as a wrinkle remover. You can even add different fonts to a picture to express it more easily.

Make sure to enable the flash plugin on your browser as this tool requires it.

Link: Website

So you have a total of 5 best GIMP alternatives to choose from. Some are online while others can be downloaded. If you are a Mac user and want support to help in editing the photos, then you can go with Pixelmator software.

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