How To Make WhatsApp Video Call On PC (Watch Our Video Tutorial)

How To Make WhatsApp Video Call On PC

Connecting with friends through WhatsApp voice and video calls on Android and iPhone devices is easy and fun. However, it can be challenging to make WhatsApp video call on a PC. You might have faced a similar problem, right? It can be frustrating when you have the WhatsApp desktop app open but cannot video call. … Read more

4 Of The Best Spam Blocker For Android Phones

Best Spam Blocker For Android Phones

Do you get annoyed by spam calls? Are you looking for spam blockers for your Android mobile phone? Well, I was looking for one a while ago. I kept getting unwanted calls from several service providers, from loans to telemarketing calls. These spam phone calls kept irritating me. That’s when I realized the importance of … Read more

How To Root Android Phone Without PC – The 5 Best Ways

How To Root Android Phone Step By Step: You Can Do It!

You can root Android devices without a PC using various rooting apps. Download any rooting app of your choice, launch it, and follow the steps to root your Android device. Are you familiar with rooting Android phones? I have rooted almost all my Android devices except the one I currently use. Why, you might ask? … Read more

How To Spy On Someone Text Messages: Try These 2 Ways On iPhone & Android

How To Spy On Someone Text Messages: Try These 5 Ways on iPhone And Android

You can spy on someone’s text messages using a screen mirroring or spy app. These reliable methods can show you what text messages are sent or received on the target device. Have you ever wondered how you can spy on your child’s, spouse’s, or employee’s phone? There are many reasons why you may wish to … Read more

Unraveling The Mystery: How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram?

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If you can’t find a public or private account but it shows up when you search from another account, it may mean the account user has blocked you on Instagram. Likewise, if you can’t see the profile image, follow or following count, or post count, you might be blocked. Do you worry when someone doesn’t … Read more

Master The Art Of Ignoring: How To Ignore Messages On Messenger With Video

How to Ignore and Unignore Messages on Facebook

You can ignore messages on Messenger by following these steps: Open Messenger and go to the conversation you want to ignore. Click on the person’s name. Tap on “Ignore Messages” or “Restrict.” The “Ignore Messages” feature is now called “Restrict” on the Messenger app on Android and iOS. Do you ever get random messages on … Read more

Is mSpy Worth The Money? A Comprehensive mSpy Review

Is mSpy Worth The Money? A Comprehensive mSpy Review

There are many spy apps available, but many don’t work as expected. However, mSpy is different. I have used this app myself and can conclude after review that mSpy is legitimate and offers excellent features when it comes to spying. Do you want to use mSpy for monitoring your child’s online activities but are unsure … Read more

How To Delete Pictures From Google Chat: Video Guide Included

a laptop with the Hangout logo

You can easily delete images from Google Chat by long pressing the picture and selecting “Delete” from the options. Earlier, you had to delete the photo from the Google Album Archive. But now you can delete pictures from Google Chat itself. Have you ever accidentally shared an image on Google Chat and wanted to delete … Read more

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Leave A WhatsApp Group

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Leave A WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp group chat is a great feature. But it can soon become annoying with its recurring notifications. Suppose you are trying to focus on work. If your phone keeps ringing with notification alerts, you might want to leave the WhatsApp group. It can be difficult to leave a WhatsApp group if you are doing it … Read more