How To Add Windows Taskbar And Start Menu To Android Device

Add Windows Style Start Menu and Taskbar to Android

Use this easy to follow guide to quickly add Windows style Start Menu and Taskbar to your Android phone. After getting the Start button, using your Android device will no more be different than using your PC. You probably wouldn’t be surprised if someone told you that they were having trouble opening some kind of … Read more

How to Create Specific Activity Shortcut for Any Android App

Create Shortcut for specific activity Android

Using this tutorial you can create a shortcut for a specific activity for any app on Android. This will help you to perform tasks quickly with a single tap on Home screen and hence you can be more productive. Thanks to our smartphones, our lives are a lot easier. You can send Emails, watch videos, make … Read more

How to Automatically Switch to Strongest WiFi Signal on Android

Automatically Switch to Strongest WiFi Network on Android

Follow this tutorial to automatically switch to strongest WiFi network on Android smartphone. Make Your Android Device Switch to a Stronger WiFi Singal using the app mentioned in this article. If you live in a house where you need to have more than one router installed, it can be annoying when your device won’t disconnect … Read more

How to Get an Unlimited Call Log on Android (Rooted/Non-Rooted)

Unlimited Call Log on Android

Use this tutorial to learn about ways to increase call log history on Android for rooted as well as non-rooted devices. Get call logs longer than 30 days by having unlimited call log on Android. Many Android users probably don’t know this, but your Android device will only save 500 incoming, outgoing and missed calls. … Read more

How to Remove Or Delete Duplicate Contacts in Android Smartphone

How to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Android

Are you irritated with multiple identical contacts in your Android smartphone? If yes then use this article to learn how to delete duplicate contacts in Android and put an end to your misery. It’s something that is annoying but has a tendency to happen. It happens when you put a SIM card into your new phone … Read more

How To Customize iPhone/iPad Lock Screen with these tips

How to Customize iPhone Lock Screen

Follow our article to know about the tips which can help you to customize iPhone lock screen. Make your iOS device lively by personalizing the lock screen. When you first get your iPhone/iPad, you just can’t wait to start giving your own personal touch. You want anyone who see’s to know that your style is … Read more