7 Connect The Dots Games Like Two Dots To Exercise Your Brains

connect the dots games like two dots

Two Dots is a very fun and mind crushing game. Here you have to join the same color dots with a single line and in a single stroke. The rules of the games are simple, draw line and eliminate the dots. You have to eliminate the dots according to the number provided for each color … Read more

10 Best Guitar Learning Apps For Android To Fulfill Your Passion

Best Guitar Learning Apps For Android

Learning guitar is one of the greatest passion and hobby among many youngsters. Playing the guitar could be more effective in your life than you imagine. It can help you in relieving the stress, boost your confidence or improve both your mental and emotional health. However, learning a guitar can be costly and time-consuming if … Read more

5 Offline Music Players For Android To Listen To Songs Without Internet

Offline Music Players for Android

With the Internet, it is very easy to search and listen to our favorite tracks almost anywhere anytime. But sometimes we face problems either due to an internet outage or poor internet speed. Also, at times the application which we use to stream songs may be down due to some unexpected failure. This could lead to … Read more

7 Best Slow Motion Video Apps

Best slow motion video apps for Android and iPhone

Have you seen those awesome slow motion videos? They are just WOW! You may wonder how to record them. Well, you can buy high-end phones like the Galaxy S9 or iPhone X. But that would be really very expensive just to capture slow motion videos. Now you can do that without spending a dime on … Read more

Wondershare Fotophire Review: Photo Editor With All The Basic Features

Wondershare Fotophire Review

To enhance picture quality and presentation a photo editing software is used by all the professional photographers. Nowadays everyone is able to click excellent photos with their devices like any digital camera or a smartphone. Even though you took a great photo but is it up to the mark? Is the photo looking like something … Read more

7 Apps Like Venmo To Transfer Money With Your Fingertips

Best apps to transfer money

Want to transfer money to your friend or a family member but you are unable to visit the bank? There are many moments in our life when we have to send money to our dear ones but we face many problems regarding the transfer. Either the bank is not open, money has to be transferred to another … Read more

Tenorshare UltData Review: Never Lose Your iPhone’s Data

Tenorshare UltData Review

Data like contacts, videos, files, etc. are sometimes deleted from the devices mistakenly in many ways. It can be during any software update or due to a virus attack or malware. Losing the data is just like an arrow, which once shot from the bow cannot be taken back. You might have tried different software or … Read more

5 Best Bill Splitting Apps Like Splitwise

Best Bill splitting apps for Android iOS

Splitting the expenses can be a real tough call. Whether you are out with friends at a get-together or an outing there always will be a payout. Sometimes it’s ok to bear all the expenses, but while paying in a contribution have you ever wondered that if you are paying the exact amount or giving … Read more

7 Best Video Players For Android You Should Be Using In 2018

Best Video Players For Android

Viewing movies, TV shows, and videos on smartphones has become very common. Just carry your smartphone with all the media files you want and watch them anytime anywhere. But has it ever happened that you want to play a video but the player does not support that video format? Or even though it plays the … Read more

7 Best Archery Games For Android To Try Right Now

Best Archery Games For Android

Archery games have always been among the most played games and I don’t know about everyone but to me, it is most addictive and the best way to spend futile time. Whether you are on a train or a bus these games could entertain you anywhere. Beating your own score is what makes these games … Read more