5 Offline Music Players For Android To Listen To Songs Without Internet

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With the Internet, it is very easy to search and listen to our favorite tracks almost anywhere anytime. But sometimes we face problems either due to an internet outage or poor internet speed. Also, at times the application which we use to stream songs may be down due to some unexpected failure. This could lead to an interruption in listening to our favorite songs or playlist. But fear not, for all the music lovers we bring you the best offline music players for Android with which you can listen to music without internet or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Offline Music Apps For Android

1. Google Play Music

Google Play Music app

With Google Play Music you can enjoy the best of both worlds. By both worlds, we mean online and offline music. Google Play Music will show you all the music, playlist and albums that you have on your device under My Library. You can access it at any time, with or without the internet.

Apart from offline music, you can also stream songs, video, or Broadcast radio online in Google Play Music. The best thing that I like about this player is that you can download any online songs from this player and listen to them offline. For using this you have to subscribe to Google Play Music services which are free for one month.

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2. Spotify

Spotify Music Player for Android

Just like Google Play Music, you can listen to songs offline with Spotify. For playing music offline you need to have a premium subscription for Spotify.

To listen to music offline with Spotify you will have to download the album or playlist for the songs that you want to listen. You cannot download one song, for that you can create a new playlist online and add all the songs you want. After that, you can download the playlist for listening to those songs offline.

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3. Pi Music Player

Pi Music Player- offline music players for android

This is one of the best offline music players for Android with rich audio feature and controls. Pi Music Player searches for the audio and music files in your device and arranges them in its library. It arranges the music in different categories like Albums, Artists, Genre etc. You can also have a folder view for the music and see where it is located in your device. It also has gesture controls for skipping through tracks.

With Built-in 5 band equalizer, Bass Boost and 3D music effect this certainly is the best way to listen to your music offline. In addition to this, you can create playlists of your favorite music. You can mark your favorite songs and see all of them in Pi Favourites. This player can also create a playlist by itself for you. It adds the songs you play the most in that playlist. You can also take screenshots of the music player with just a tap of an icon and share it with your friends.

Moving over, you can also set a sleep timer so that the music player will stop automatically after your desired time. It comes in handy while listening to the song at night or while traveling, plus it also helps in saving some battery. Apart from this, you can also control music from the lock screen and notification panel. You can also add a widget to your home screen for this music player.

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4. Music Player

Music Player- offline music app

Yet another app to listen to music offline for free from your Android phone. Like Pi Music Player this app also shows you all the music and audio files that you have in your device. You can search for the song by its name directly from the search bar of the player. It supports all type of audio formats.

Lock screen controls and different styles of the widget are also available for this player. You can also set a sleep timer for the player. The only features that differ in both are its theme and options. Music Player has more skins(themes) and fewer options than Pi Music Player. That is a good thing for users who are love minimalism.

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5. MX Player

MX Player - apps to listen to music offline for free

You all are aware of MX player and might be thinking why is it on the list of offline music player. Well, it turns out that you can use this video player as a music player also.

All you have to do is enable the setting which allows it to act as an audio player. You will find it in Settings under Audio. With this player, you can listen to all of your music just like any regular audio player. You can listen to any audio format or codec of an audio file, and in addition, you can also listen to the video as an audio. The best part is that with this player you can increase the volume of your music up to 200% under HW+ or SW decoder.

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You can try out these music players and keep the best one you like to enjoy music even when there is no internet or Wi-Fi connection. These apps not only allow you to listen to songs offline but they also offer a lot of other features.

Let us know which one are you going to choose in the comments.

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Hitesh Sharma is a tech enthusiast who is always happy to learn and present new things regarding the social and online world. Loves to eat and sleep, who does not? Likes to explore new things and places, and always ready to share his part of the knowledge.

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