10 Of The Best Subtitle Apps For Android And iOS Devices

best subtitle apps for android and iphone

Countries, languages, and cultures are no longer barriers to entertainment. One of the things that play a crucial role in this is subtitles. They allow you to understand media in a foreign language. Whether that is a music video, movie, or tv show episode. They also allow deaf people to engage with video content too. … Read more

Turo vs Getaround: Comparison of Best Car Rental Apps

turo vs getaround apps comparison

Everything we see around us is getting digital. From matchmaking to groceries, almost everything we need could be done via apps. Car rental business is no different. Online car rentals are rapidly replacing the traditional brick-and-mortar shops that once claimed a monopoly over the rental business. In fact, the customer response has been so great … Read more

Top 5 Twitter Video Downloader Apps for Android

best twitter video downloader apps for android

Many Twitter users chose to use the medium of videos and photos to overcome the 140 characters restriction of Twitter. While scrolling through your feeds on Twitter, you may come across a video that you might find interesting. Since Twitter doesn’t let you download them, you just have to let it go. Here is a … Read more

How To Make Instagram Photo Tiles With The 5 Best Apps

how to tile photos in instagram for android and iphone

You can create photo tiles for Instagram using an app to split images to upload to your Instagram feed. There are numerous apps to choose from, such as Grids, Grid Post, and Griddy. Upload your photo, select your grid format, save the tiles, and upload them to Instagram. Have you ever seen those cool grid … Read more

Strava vs Runkeeper: The Showdown of the best

Our lifestyles today are the epitome of being “sedentary”. Our minds toil hard, while our body sits tight on the chair. Ironically, the technology that has made us lazy also brings us ways to get fit. Amidst the horde of motivational and fitness apps, running trackers stand out as the most effective. Why? Well, this … Read more

8 Of The Best TubeMate Alternative Apps For Android And iOS

best tubemate alternative apps

We sometimes feel the need for downloading online videos (especially from YouTube) for offline access. Given that prominent streaming sites do not provide the option to download, we need to rely on other third-party applications. TubeMate is one of those apps. But if you don’t like using it for any reason, you should look into … Read more

5 Best Riddle Apps for Android and iPhone

Are you looking for riddle apps that can help you to do brainstorming?  There are plenty of apps available for Android and iPhone users out of which I am listing the best riddle apps for you. These apps will let you share brain teasers with anyone on Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and many other mediums. Almost … Read more

5 Best Video to MP3 Converter Apps for Android and iPhone

best video to mp3 converter apps

Are you looking for a way out to extract audio from a video? For example, the one you downloaded from YouTube? There are a lot of complex tools/software’s to convert video to mp3 or other file formats. But what if I tell you that you can achieve the same from your smartphone. There are plenty … Read more

7 Best GIF Apps For Android And iPhone YOu Can Use To Make Animation

best gif apps for android and iphone

Nowadays people go for GIFs rather than static images, as it is more interactive and expressive. So people look for sources like websites and tools to download or create GIFs by themselves. But why so much uphill battle to get GIFs when you have apps for it? I have listed out 7 best GIF apps … Read more