8 Best Live Microphone Apps That Work

A microphone as a utility is very important these days. We use them regularly in our phones for calls, sending audio messages etc. For some people, using it is a medium of their profession like singers, sound engineers, vloggers, etc. and also for people who like to do karaoke. A real Microphone is necessary for … Read more

10 Best Fart Sound Apps To Prank Your Friends

Farting is natural, but considering farting at a public place could be really menacing, well you could definitely try to prank someone with the fart sound apps and annoy them in public or in private. There won’t be anyone who wouldn’t appreciate a good laugh. So break your boredom and go out to annoy your … Read more

2 Methods To Sign PDF On Android And iPhone

A PDF is a Portable Document File, as the name suggests it is a faster and simpler way of documentation and is also independent of any hardware and can be used with different platforms. We often receive emails with important documents in the format of PDFs in our day to day life. Sometimes we need to … Read more

YouTube Pros and Cons That Only A Few Know About

youtube pros and cons

YouTube is perhaps the best things that have come out of the Internet in the past decade or so. While platforms like Snapchat, Facebook and Whatsapp always face criticism for being addictive and wasting too much time, YouTube (which has more content than a human could watch even if began since the dawn of civilization) … Read more

Pros and Cons of Snapchat Everyone Should Know

pros and cons of snapchat

Snapchat is perhaps the most viral app that ever graced the stores. In almost no time, it became the “must-have” app of teenagers. A big reason was the simplicity of the platform. In a battle with its closest competitor, Instagram, Snapchat has adopted a very different strategy. While Instagram has been constantly trying to diversify, … Read more

All The Pros And Cons Of Instagram You Should Know

pros and cons of instagram

Instagram has emerged as the default place to get famous. The world of Instagram is nothing less than that of showbiz, a place where everything is nice and glittery and everyone is beautiful. However, is Instagram really the awesome place it presents itself to be? Maybe, no. Behind all the glamour, there are some serious … Read more

How To Stop WhatsApp From Saving Photos Automatically To Gallery Or Camera Roll On Android And iPhone

stop whatsapp from saving pictures to gallery or camera roll

WhatsApp has currently more than 1 billion users, where people send messages, share photos, videos, locations, and other files with their contacts. As people receive long the WhatsApp app from the Play Store, followts of photos from their contacts, they look for ways to stop WhatsApp from saving pictures to the gallery. As there could … Read more

7 Best Java Learning Apps For Android And iPhone

best java learning apps for android and ios

Java has always been the superstar of programming languages. Dependable and reliable, yet innovative and constantly improving; these are the factors that have made not only sustain decades after its release but keep growing stronger. From developing Android apps and games to software and web apps, we see Java almost everywhere. So naturally, one would … Read more