7 Best Java Learning Apps For Android And iPhone

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Java has always been the superstar of programming languages. Dependable and reliable, yet innovative and constantly improving; these are the factors that have made not only sustain decades after its release but keep growing stronger. From developing Android apps and games to software and web apps, we see Java almost everywhere. So naturally, one would like to learn it. But, the question is “how”. A simple Google search brings to you host of resources to learn Java from, but not every one of them is worthy of your time. Here are some great Java learning apps for Android and iOS that would kick start your learning process.

Top 7 Java Learning Apps

1) Learn Java


SoloLearn has emerged as a big player in mobile learning, and it truly deserves this place. The ‘Learn…” series of mobile learning application from SoloLearn has helped millions of students. The Learn Java app is no different. It has different modules, starting from the basics and moving to harder levels. You cannot jump to new modules without completing existing ones. There is a theory, practice, and test- the complete package. The UI is simple, yet adorable. Oh, and  SoloLearn also provides a completion certificate once you finish the course. It is a beginner’s course, where advanced concepts are missing. But nevertheless, it is a must-have app.

Link: Android

2) Udacity


No, including Udacity here is not a cheating. It does not house functionalities of its own, true. But Udacity is the magic portal to the endless world of knowledge. It can guide you towards the best professional courses in the world, most of which are free and provide completion certificates. Java is one of the hot subjects on Udacity. You can find the courses from the top professors from elite universities like Harvard, Yale, MIT etc. The plus point is, you can find courses on any difficulty level you prefer, starting from beginner to expert. In some courses, you can also find live projects to work upon. The interactivity within the app is low because most of the content is in video format. Yet, Udacity bags a place here due to its outstanding content.

Link: Android

3) Java Programming

java program

If your objective is to crack an interview in Java as opposed to becoming a coder, this app is perfect for you. Java Programming is everything a reference app must be. It consists of summarized explanation of the most common Java topics. It also features Q&A and tests, to examine your theoretical knowledge. Furthermore, the app also features basic codes that you could study to understand the syntax and semantics of the language. The friendly and minimal UI acts as a further incentive. Overall, this is a great app to keep in your mobile.

Link: Android

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4) Code School


Another app to learn java is Code School. One of the many things that make Code School a great app is the amazing user interface. The biggest roadblock one faces while learning anything is the lack of concentration. Code School solves that with a simplistic and interactive UI that would not let you get bored. There are tons of resources available on Code School, Java being just one of them. There are different levels that you need to cross, badges you need to earn and competitions you need to crack. Code School is just like a game, except that it would also make you an expert in Java simultaneously.

Link: iOS

5) Javvy

java learning apps - javvy

While we are talking about great interfaces, how can one forget Javvy? This app is tailor-made to teach you Java. It covers all the basic concepts of Java, all the while giving you puzzles to solve. Since practicing is the best way to learn new things, Javvy makes sure that you grasp every concept. You can also edit, compile and debug any code within the app. The app also makes sure that your focus should not break, which is why it gives you incentives like badges and performance insights.

Link: Android

6) Treehouse

apps to learn java on android and iphone -treehouse

If you wanted something like Udacity but a bit more interactive and fun, Treehouse is here for you. In a short time, Treehouse has established itself as a leader in online learning, and now looking to challenge giants like Udacity, Coursera, and edX. If you have used this app, you would know that it is perfectly capable of that. There are dozens of courses to choose from, including Java and its technologies. In fact, you can find courses from the most basic concepts like loops and arrays, to advanced ones like Hibernate and Spring. The course content is in the form of video tutorials created by the best in the industry. Most of the content is paid, but that should not be an issue. After all, knowledge cannot be converted to currency.

Link: iOS

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7) Learn Java Offline

java offline

Honestly, can you really trust your Internet when it goes off at crucial moments? It would look pretty bad if your chance at finally cracking an interview is washed over by the internet speed. This is the problem that “Learn Java Offline” solves. This app contains a huge amount of study material, all of it without having to rely on the Internet. Sure, the interface is a bit bland and there is nothing much to do besides reading the content. However, if you want to be on the top of your game in Java even when the Internet is away, this app is perfect for you.

Link: Android

So whether you are looking for online or offline Java learning apps, you have the options available. The best part is, these apps are available for free.

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Akshay Thapliyal is the co-founder of TechUntold and mainly looks into strategic planning at TechUntold. He also loves writing articles on apps & problems he faces related to tech. Follow him on Twitter.

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