4 Of The Best Phone Projector Apps For iPhone And Android: Turn Your Phone Into Projector App!

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Who doesn’t want to view pictures and movies on the big screen? But not all of us can get a projector at home, even if it’s the smallest one of a kind.

Also, what if we want to enjoy big-screen viewing anytime and anywhere? Wouldn’t it be amazing if your smartphones could help us do so?

Well, you could simply download a phone projector app and turn your iPhone or Android phone into a phone projector. Now that is pretty cool, isn’t it? But there are a large number of apps on the play store/app store which don’t work. But you need not worry.

We have brought here a list of the best phone projector apps for iPhone and Android.

Best Phone Projector Apps

Epson iProjection

Epson iProjection - phone projector apps

This app is from Epson and hence you can rely on it with closed eyes. The good news is that is available on both the platforms and is free of cost. You can use the wireless feature and display your pictures and videos on big screen. You can also display certain file formats such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and keynote, pdf, jpeg and png. There is a built-in remote control feature too so that you can control the projection.

There is also an option to send your cloud files to the iProjection app and then viewing them on the projector. And there is an inbuilt marker to help you explain the slides.

Platforms: Android | iOS

Panasonic Wireless Projector

Panasonic Wireless Projector app

 Whether you want to view your pictures on the big screen at home, or you want to make use of the phone projector for your office presentations, you can download the Panasonic wireless projector app and get going. This app provides many exclusive features. For example, you can rotate images and zoom in/out as per your requirement. There is a multi-live mode as well with which you can enjoy projection from multiple devices. Additionally, there is a marker function which would help you to mark the document when you are projecting.

Below are the models which this app supports.

  • PT-DZ570/PT-DW530/PT-DX500 (need wireless module option; ET-WM200)
  • PT-FW430/PT-FX400 (need ET-WM200)
  • PT-VW435N/PT-VX505N
  • PT-VX400NT
  • PT-FW300NT/PT-F300NT
  • PT-LB90NT
    PT-FDZ47/PT-FDW43/PT-FDX40 (need ET-WM200)
  • PT-BX300 (need ET-WM200)
  • PT-BX55NC
  • PT-BX40NT
  • PT-BX200NT
  • PT-PX980NT
  • PT-BX30NT

Platforms: Android | iOS

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Best Phone Projector apps - MultiPresenter

As the name suggests, this is a simple-to-operate app which would help you to project to various screens. This app has an exclusive feature that it includes inbuilt tutorials to teach you to connect using various methods. You can choose your method and then proceed. You can search the target connections using the IP address and also favorite your devices. There is an option to check the history of your connections as well.

This app supports file viewing, photo viewing, viewing images directly from camera and web viewing. So now, you can enjoy almost everything you do on your smartphone on the bigger screen.

Platforms: Android | iOS

Projector Remote

Projector Remote app

 This app is specifically designed for Sony projectors. So if you are looking to control a Sony projector, download this app and get going. The app is very easy to use and all the buttons specifically mention what they do.

You would also get an instruction manual when you download the app, just go through it and then follow the instructions to connect.

Platforms: Android

Final Words

With the help of these phone projector apps, you can simply take a walk around the room and view your content on the big screen. So when your friends come over next time, show them off your projector and control it effortlessly with the help of your smartphone.

Looking for a projector app for your kid for their school project? You can choose any of these apps. Also, don’t forget to install a parental control app on their phone to ensure their safety. Here are free apps that do the job!

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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