7 GitLab Alternative Tools for Hosting Projects & Collaboration

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GitLab, one of the popular tool for project hosting, reviewing code, and tracking bugs. However, people look for the alternatives because of the pricing issue or they want a dedicated site for open source project hosting sites or for some other downside of it. If you are looking for the same then this article will help you out. Here I am covering 7 best GitLab alternative sites for better project management and hosting.

7 GitLab Alternative Tools for Developer, Team, and Business

1) GitHub

alternative to gitlab -github

Github comes first in the list of GitLab alternatives. It is the most popular git repository developers and business people use. As a team of developers, you can check in and check out the codes, do code reviews and make project management easy.

As an individual developer also, you can let other developers contribute to your project and become a part of it.

Not only managing project, you can use Github to get help to build your own project. For example, when you need an animation library for your Android project, just type in the keyword in GitHub search bar and you will get lots of sources in no time.

You can check out the pricing of packages for developer, team, and business here.

Link: Official Website

2) Launchpad


If you are looking for software collaboration tool, as an individual or a team, then Launchpad is the one. You can commit your code on Launchpad server and let other team members access it.

Like GitHub, Launchpad let you do code reviews. Apart from this, it offers software translation feature to convert the project into almost any language.

For hosting commercial projects on Launchpad you need to pay $250/year.

Link: Official Website

3) Bitbucket

gitlab alternative sites -bitbucket

Bitbucket, another popular tool like GitLab. It not only helps you to collaborate with your team but also let you know what changes are done while reviewing code using diff views. There are JIRA Software integration and various other 3rd party integration for better development process and management.

If you are a small team with up to 5 team members then Bitbucket is free for you. If you are a growing team then you need to pay $2/user/month. And if you have a large team then you can go with the $5/user/month plan.

Link: Official Website

4) Gogs


Gogs is a free open source Git service. It is a cross-platform tool that supports Windows, Mac, ARM and Linux. It is a self-hosted service which is very easy to install.

In Gogs website, you will find documentation page which will help you with the installation part. You can also find the Gogs code on GitHub and can also contribute.

Link: Official Website

5) SourceForge


Another alternative to GitLab is SourceForge. This is a free open source software tool which is used for hosting open source projects and working collaboratively with anyone from anywhere. Commit your code, share with others and track bugs using SourceForge software.

On its official site, you can see projects categorized like featured, projects of the month and editor choice which you can download. It’s a good platform to learn from other projects to gain knowledge.

Link: Official Website

6) Springloops


Springloops is a project management software for web developers, where they can code in parallel and the team members will be informed about the changes. This version control software is for personal as well as for business use.

Personal Plans: Free for 1 repository with 100MB of space. For 10 and 25 repositories you have to pay $15 and $25 respectively.

Business Plans: In the business plan, you have three options, $50, $100, and $200 for 50, 120 and unlimited repositories respectively.

Link: Official Website

7) Deveo


Deveo is the last GitLab alternatve in the list. Apart from hosting code on the server, it provides code review & code comparison feature for easy analysis. It also supports third party integrations like Jira, Trello, Slack, and others. Deveo has a dedicated blog page too for its users to get most the queries cleared upfront.

It offers three different plans to host projects, Cloud, On-Premises and Enterprise. Cloud is free to use and On-Premises will be free up to 5 users after that, it will cost you 3€/user/month. And for Enterprise plan, you have to contact Deveo team.

Link: Official Website

Note: CodexPlex from Microsoft was also the option, but I have not included it in the list as it is shutting down.

So you have 7 best tools like GitLab to choose from. If you are looking tool for open source project, then you can go with SourceForge, for others you can go with free plans initially.

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