10 AirBnB Alternatives to Help You Save Money

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I am certain that there are many out there who have never tried or even heard of AirBnb. For those living under a rock, AirBnB is a community marketplace for people from over 191 countries and 65,000 cities to list, and for travelers to discover and book marvelous accommodations.

You can go from renting a room to a whole house, villa, bungalow, or even a castle for as long as you want. There is no middle-men anywhere and you are connected directly to the homeowner.

Of late, AirBnB has been criticized heavily for its intrusive role in vouching for lax rental laws. While this should not sway you away from using AirBnB for the first-time, I believe you have every right to its alternative vacation rental marketplaces and short-term housing providers. Without further ado, here are the AirBnB alternatives.

List of 10 AirBnB Alternatives

1. Vacasa


What you must know about Vacasa is that it is not your typical home sharing service provider like AirBnB. Instead, they privately own homes all across the Americas- North, Central, and South America amounting to over 5100 vacation rentals. This company also has a team of hospitality professionals that consists of housekeepers to reservation agents and even local managers who clean and maintain these properties. It offers great prices on vacation rentals and short-term housing, thus providing more consistency than competitors.

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2. Boutique Homes

Finikas Villa Syros, Greece- Boutique Homes

Travel is not all about being cheap, it is also about relaxation. Boutique Homes employs a quality over quantity approach, which makes it a perfect place to find vacation rentals that offer a blend of design and serenity.

The team behind Boutique Homes works hard to curate a list “Invitation Only” homes that are also some of the most beautiful properties located all around the world. In addition to short-term housing, this marketplace also contains a list of event venues that you can rent for reasonable prices.

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3. FlipKey

airbnb alternative - Flipkey

Now owned by TripAdvisor Rentals, Flipkey is one of the leaders in vacation rentals and short-term housing that contains more than 830,000 properties in over 190 countries. You could call it an AirBnB alternative and great competitor.

The best part of Flipkey and TripAdvisor merger is that the latter is a trusted name on the Internet when it comes to vacation rentals or restaurant reviews, etc. You will find an extensive collection of 465 million TripAdvisor traveler reviews that help you stay the smarter way.

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4. OneFineStay


For the style and lovers of decor, OneFineStay is just what you need. This company has extremely high standards when it comes to approving a high-rise apartment or a villa in their listings. They send in professionals to evaluate things and cross-check against their policies.

Currently, OneFineStay offers vacation rentals in London, Paris, Rome, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Milan.

In April 2016, OneFineStay merged with AccorHotels, which opened up multiple avenues to own and renovate luxury homes in some of the finest cities in the world.

Although renting with OneFineStay can be expensive, but that should not stop you from making your favorite moments even more memorable.

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5. Tripping


If you have used Expedia, Travelocity or Kayak to book flights, you are already familiar with the comparison-style methodology and that is exactly what Tripping.com offers. It is a leading search engine for vacation rentals.

With over 8 million properties in over 150,000 destinations, you get more options that you had anticipated. You can sort houses by price range, ratings, locations and also by other features and amenities.

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6. HouseTrip


Nicknamed as the AirBnB of Europe, HouseTrip is the getaway for Europeans or Europe travel lovers. Its headquarter is located in Lausanne, and it does not charge the 3% commission, unlike AirBnB.

If you own a home you want to appear on the listing, now is the time. Since most of Europe is an untapped marketplace in the segment of home sharing or vacation rentals, you can get a head start at building a great reputation before other competitors dive in.

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7.  VRBO


Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO) specializes in vacation rentals only but offers plenty of information regarding destination, attractions, reviews and also informs the readers the most traveled vacation destinations in the world.

This comes in handy especially when you are unsure of where to travel on your summer vacations with family.

With over 1 million listings and special features such as seeking dog-friendly places to stay or if you want to live close to a beach, VRBO is widely popular and a trusted marketplace.

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8. Cancelon


Many hotels have a strict cancellation policy, which means, whether your travel plans alter or your flight gets delayed, your credit card still incurs the booking fees at an overseas hotel.

Either way, if you are unable to a booked hotel room and do not want to pay additional cancellation fees, Cancelon will connect you to someone who would use it. If you are on the receiving end of it,  you could end up saving up to 60% less than the book price.

You save lots of money on hotels and continue with your travel plans at the same time.

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9. 9flats

airbnb alternatives - 9flats

This small database consists of around 200,000 listings to choose from within Europe. 9Flats is a European property rental company with an appealing website and easy to use interface and it also showcases their “star hosts” who come with plenty of great recommendations. There is no booking fees involved which is a great relief.

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10. TruestedHousesitters


Although it might seem like an odd thing to do, but TrustedHousesitters offers a practical way to live rent-free on your overseas travels.

People who own houses might want to go on a vacation themselves, which can last from a few days to a week or longer.

Rather than leaving their houses empty, they could choose to offer them up to people to stay in and look after the essentials, such as tending the garden, caring for their pets, if any.

It is a win-win situation if you think about it.

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There are an unlimited plethora of AirBnB alternatives just waiting to be explored. Whether you are trying to discover your country or visiting a foreign land, you will need a place to stay, learn about the locale, and perhaps even contribute to the community that you are living in. This way you not only live through your vacation, but you also make some very memorable friends.

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