How to Use Gmail Offline With Chrome

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Follow this tutorial to learn about a method which will help you to access and use Gmail offline. You will be able to read, send, archive and delete Emails in Gmail without an Internet connection after you go through this article.

Use Gmail Offline Chrome

Have you ever came across a situation where you have no internet connection and need to reply to an urgent Email? Maybe you are on a plane or a location where your Wi-Fi isn’t working, but you got enough time to attend to Emails. So, to overcome this situation and be more productive I will share an excellent Chrome extension that will allow you to use Gmail offline quickly.

Let’s get to it.

Use Gmail Offline on Chrome

There are two ways to add this extension to your Chrome browser, and I will mention both of them.

1. The name of the extension is Gmail Offline. Follow the link to get it from Chrome web store.

Alternatively, you can open your Gmail account and go to settings. To do that click on the Gear icon below the display picture and select Settings.

Gmail Offline


Under Settings, select Offline tab.

Click on Install Gmail Offline under Offline tab.

Install Gmail Offline

It will take you to Chrome web store where you can easily add the extension to your Chrome browser.

2. Once you have installed Gmail Offline extension to Chrome browser. You can easily access it by going to Chrome apps. Use the following URL and hit enter to view installed apps on your browser.


3. If you installed the extension properly, you should see Gmail Offline as one of the apps. Click on it to access Gmail in offline mode.

Use Gmail Offline Chrome

4. Allow Offline mail for your Gmail account and click Continue.

Use Gmail Offline

That is it. Now you can access your Gmail offline with the help of this app. To try it out turn off your internet connection and open the app by using the steps mentioned above.

You can read the Emails, compose and send a new Email, archive and delete Emails without network using this useful app.

Access Gmail Offline on Chrome
Read, Compose, Archive, Delete, Reply and Forward Emails in Offline mode

Please note that the messages you send in offline mode using this app are stored in your Outbox and are sent when you reconnect to the internet. Similarly, only the command is saved for archiving and deleting Emails when in offline mode. The selected Emails are archived/deleted automatically once you connect to the network again.

This app turns out to be very useful to complete Email tasks even when you don’t have a network connection, and you got to do nothing else.

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If you found it helpful you can share it with your friends on social media. Do you find this app useful? Let us know in the comments section.

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