How to Speed Up Chrome Browser When Its Lagging

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Is Google Chrome slow? No browser is perfect, and they are bound to have problems sooner or later. Chrome is no exception to errors, much less lagging. You can try various methods that will help you speed up Chrome, and you don’t have to be a tech genius to try them out. With the following tips, you can make Chrome faster. The result may vary on how much Chrome’s performance improves but you can be sure that the tips will make a difference.

Tips to Speed Up Chrome Browser

Disable or Remove Unnecessary Extensions

There are so many extensions you can use for either work or pleasure. The problem with those extensions is that they can become corrupt and cause all sorts of problems. It’s a good idea to do some ¨Spring Cleaning¨ with your extensions and get rid of the ones you don’t use anymore.

Go to Settings > More Tools > Extensions. Go through the list of extensions to uninstall the ones you don’t need by clicking on the trash icon. The more you uninstall the better.

Speed Up Google Chrome

Uninstall Unnecessary Plugins

Since plugins are like extensions, they too can cause problems if they become corrupt. Just like the extensions, it’s a good idea to remove those as well.

To get rid of them type chrome://plugins into the search bar and disable the ones you think are just causing problems. You’ll find the disable option in blue and to your left.

Increase Chrome Cache Size

Increasing Chrome’s cache size will also help you enjoy a faster Chrome. First things first, you need to check the cache size Chrome has now (among other things). Type chrome://net-internals/#httpCache in the search bar and press enter.

You should be taken to a new tab automatically where you can see all sorts of information. The new tab should open on Cache but if it doesn’t, click on the Cache option on your left. Towards the top, look for the option that says Current size and towards the bottom find Max size.

Now that you have the necessary information open the Run box by pressing the Windows and R key. In the box type C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application and press enter.

You’re going to need to create a shortcut to Chrome’s application so find and right-click on the Chrome icon. Click on the Create shortcut option and click on Yes in the window that appears.

Once the shortcut is there, right-click on the Chrome icon and choose Properties. Look for the Shortcut tab and on your left look for the option that says Target.

Make Chrome Faster

In Target’s box type –disk-cache-size=10000000 but to increase the cache size, you’ll need to replace 10000000 with the amount you want. For example, if you want 1GB, you’ll need to type 1073741824 and click OK. After this, Chrome should run at least a little smoother.

Try Some Experimental Features

The following tips are not options you’ll find in the browser’s menu. The reason that these options are hidden is that they are not very stable but can work.

You’ll need to access the Flags menu by typing chrome://flags and once you’re there look for the option that says Number of raster threads. Click on the drop-down menu and select four.

Preventing tabs from reloading will also help speed up Chrome. You can do this by locating the option that says Only Auto-Reload Visible tabs. Choose Disabled for this last option and also for the option right above it that says Offline auto-reload mode.

In the flags menu, you can also program Chrome to close tabs faster. Find the option that says Fast tab/window close and make sure it’s enabled. You can do the same with the option that says Low priority iframes. By having too many iframes, it can be the culprit as to why Chrome is so slow.


Follow the above tips and you’ll notice how Chrome will stay stable and fast. No more having to scream at your computer because Chrome isn’t working as fast as you’d like. What maintenance tips do you have up your sleeve? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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