Hidden And Unknown Features And Facts Of Facebook

Facebook needs no introduction. The most popular social media website now has over 2 billion active users and still growing. It has many built-in features that make connecting with people an incredible experience. Right from the beginning when the concept of Facebook came to Mark Zuckerberg (owner of Facebook), it had many interesting things that … Read more

How To Rotate Incorrectly Oriented Photo On Facebook

As technology is advancing the smartphone cameras are getting better day by day. Nowadays no one needs a professional camera to take a perfect picture of something or someone, as the smartphone cameras are capable enough to take some good shots. On top of that, camera filter apps add a cherry on the cake by … Read more

How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently Or Deactivate It: Here’s What You Need To Know

Facebook has a huge user base. Hundreds of new accounts get registered with Facebook daily. But on the other side, hundreds of already existing accounts get deleted from their servers too. And if you too have seen enough of Facebook and want to get rid of the app then we are going to show you … Read more

How To Stop People From Tagging You On Facebook

Tagging is a feature provided by Facebook to create a link of the post on tagged person profile. It’s a very useful feature that allows other people to know who was with you or who is in the photo. But people do get annoyed and irritated when someone tags them unnecessarily on Facebook. Their timeline … Read more

How To Change Facebook Color To Any Color

how to change facebook color to any color

Since February 2004, when Facebook was founded, it has gone through many changes in design and interface department. They introduced many new features but always stuck with the same color for their page i.e. Blue. The color of Facebook has been the same throughout since it was launched. Actually, there is a proper reason behind … Read more

How To Convert Facebook Profile To Page

Facebook, the social networking giant is loaded with a tremendous amount of features and many of those are not known to most of us. The feature to convert Facebook Profile to Page is definitely among one of them. Here in this article, we will be explaining about various aspects to be considered like Why, How, … Read more

How To Remotely Log Out Of Facebook: A Handy Feature If You Lost Your Phone

how to remotely log out of facebook-featured

Did you forget to log out yourself from Facebook on another person’s computer, phone, or tablet? Or maybe, you lost your phone and do not want to expose your private info to a person who finds it? No worries as you can still log out of Facebook from that device without having that device with … Read more

How To Hide Friends List From Certain Or All Friends on Facebook

how to hide friends list from certain friends - image

With the increasing number of friends on Facebook, you might very well consider the Privacy settings Facebook has to offer. One such Privacy setting lets the user hide friends list on Facebook. Using this setting you will be able to hide your Facebook friends list from Public or friends depending on your choice, hence no one … Read more

How To Make Your Facebook Completely Private To Non-Friends Or To Hide From Public

If you are worried about anyone stalking your Facebook account then there is no need to bother as different account settings on Facebook allow you to make Facebook private from Public or friends. This article will solve all your problems on Facebook regarding your privacy and visibility of your content (Photos, Profile Pictures, Posts, Status, Friends) … Read more