App to Lock WhatsApp and other Chat Apps on Android : Chat Locker Review

Use the app mentioned in the article to Lock WhatsApp and other Chat Apps like Google Allo, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, Twitter, Snapchat and more on Android. Here in this article, we bring to you the review of our own App Chat Locker which hides WhatsApp chat with a password.

App to lock WhatsApp on Android

This review is very special for us because it is our very own app, Chat Locker. Now, it took some time to develop an app to lock chat apps like WhatsApp which could be the best in the Android market. We took into consideration all the queries, complaints and suggestions from our readers via their comments, interaction on social media etc. and tried to be on the top of our game and overcome the shortcomings in other Chat lock apps.

Finally, we were able to get everything together and released the app. So, let us get to the review and know all the features Chat Locker has to offer.

Lock WhatsApp : Chat Locker Review

Installation and Setup

1. You can download and install the Chat Locker app from Play Store for free.

2. After the installation is complete open the app and you will see the following screen asking you to set a Passcode.

App to lock apps

3. Enter a 4 digit password of your choice. In the next step, confirm your passcode by re-entering it. If the passwords match you will be taken to the next step.

4. Select a Security question which will help to reover the passcode if you forget the password you set for the app. Enter the answer to your security question and tap on OK.

Lock for WhatsApp

5. The next screen is the main screen of the app. Select Lock Apps tab to proceed with locking apps.

WhatsApp locker

6. Select WhatsApp. For the first time, you will have to Enable User Access for Chat Locker. Tap on Enable. Select Chat Locker and toggle the option to ON. Go back to the Chat Locker app after enabling this.

WhatsApp password lock

7. Now select WhatsApp. The open lock icon will change to closed lock icon in green color which means WhatsApp is locked.

Lock WhatsApp and other chat apps

When you open WhatsApp next time, following screen will appear. Enter the passcode you set in Chat Locker to access WhatsApp.

WhatsApp password app - Chat Locker

Similarly, you can lock other Chat apps like Skype, Facebook messenger and more using Chat Locker Android app.

Unlock Locked Apps

Whenever you feel like unlocking a locked app, follow the easy steps given below.

a. Open Chat Locker and Enter the passcode.

b. On the main screen select Lock Apps.

c. Under Lock Apps just tap on the locked app you wish to unlock.

With this, the app will be unlocked.

Now when you know the basic working of the app, let us have a look at its features.

Chat Locker Features

1. Lock Chat Apps with a password.

2. Security Question feature to recover lost/forgotten passcode.

3. Haptic feedback with which device vibrates while entering the password.

4. It allows you to prevent its uninstallation so that no one can access your chats by uninstalling the app.

5. You can change your Security question and passcode at any time desired from the Settings tab.

WhatsApp locker app

Let us get to the Pros and Cons.


1. It is free of cost and doesn’t contain any In-app purchase.

2. The GUI has a good look and feel.

3. You will get the hang of it in the first go. The app is easy to understand and use.


1. With the competition so high in Android market, it lacks a few features like capturing a photo when someone enters a wrong pin.

2. It contains ads but honestly it helps us earn something to keep improving the app. Moreover, we have tried to keep the ads in a way that doesn’t hamper user experience.

We are working hard to bring more features in the app and keep the cons to a minimum.

Apart from this, we have also released a Premium version of this app by the name of Advanced Chat Locker.

Currently, the additional thing premium version offer is that it is ads-free. Soon there will be advanced features introduced in this app.

This brings me to an end of the review. We would love to get the feedback of the App from you. Please let us know if you think of any useful feature that can be added to the app or issue(if any) you get while using the app in the comments section.

Share this review if you found it useful. And don’t forget to rate and review the app when you are on Play Store 🙂


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