Is Discord Used For Cheating In Relationships Or Marriages?

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Have you ever wondered what Discord is used for? Do you suspect your partner/spouse is using Discord to cheat on you? I sure have had these concerns myself and I’ve also had several people ask me about Discord cheating (if it’s a thing or not) in the past. 

Also, after listening to my niece painfully narrate how her boyfriend cheated on her using Discord, I felt I had to intensify my research and curate this guide. 

In this article, I will answer your questions and provide practical tips to help you catch a cheating partner on Discord. Let’s get started.

Key Takeaways

  • Although Discord was created to enable gamers and game enthusiasts to interact, non-gamers can use it to socialize with friends.
  • You can catch a cheating partner/spouse on Discord by directly checking their device or using spy apps.
  • Discord is sometimes used for cheating by unfaithful spouses and partners. 

The Verdict: Can Discord Be Used For Cheating?

Discord app icon on the phone

The Discord server can be used for cheating. While Discord has some great merits, I figured out it is also a cheating haven. With its private servers and direct messaging feature, your partner/spouse can be talking to their “sneaky link” or ex on Discord using fake identities or aliases. 

My niece’s ex-boyfriend had three fake identities. He used them to interact with different girls on Discord, exchanging random pictures, more videos, and discussing sexual acts. He also joined chat groups that discussed how to explore one’s sexual fantasies outside their committed relationships/marriages (how to cheat). 

I’ll give credit to Discord for having a simple account set-up process that allowed him to easily accomplish his cheating escapades. If it wasn’t like this, he probably wouldn’t have been able to run three accounts simultaneously. 

I also discovered that the allure of anonymity on Discord makes it an attractive choice for cheaters to engage in illicit activities outside their marriages or relationships. Account holders can just display their nicknames, making it almost impossible to know their true identity.

Moreover, most people believe that the chances of being caught cheating on Discord are slim since it is more known as a gaming community platform rather than a regular messaging app. So, they can easily hide conversations here without fear of being caught. Quite smart. But don’t worry, I’ll show you how to catch them in the act. Keep reading.

Overview Of The Discord Server App

Discord website homepage on desktop

Before I show you how to catch your cheating spouse/partner, I want to make sure you understand what the Discord server is. Initially, Discord was an app that people used to communicate while playing mobile games, but today it’s used for so much more. 

Game creators also use it as a social media platform to keep users updated about what’s going on with their games, announce new game releases, and basically facilitate discussions around the gaming ecosystem. 

You can use the Discord server to communicate for free via private chat or communities via voice, video, or text messages, and exchange media files, such as images, videos, audio recordings, etc. I always used Discord to interact with my buddies when playing video games, so I used to think that gaming was Discord’s only focus. Maybe you’ve had the same thoughts, too.

But I started having a rethink after listening to my niece’s ordeal with her ex-boyfriend, and after receiving questions from non-gamers on Facebook and other social media platforms about Discord cheating.   

Upon surfing the web and talking to other mobile app testers like myself, I discovered Discord has since grown into a popular networking platform, not just for gaming. People use Discord servers to chat about anime, music, television, relationships, school, generate images using MidJourney, and more. 

All it takes to use it is to download the mobile or desktop app, create an account, and start interacting with friends and meeting new people. 

2 Ways You Can Message Using The Discord App

Below are two ways you can message using the Discord app to help you understand how it works and how your spouse/partner may be using it to cheat on you.

Using Direct Messaging

Like other regular chat apps, the Discord app has a private message feature that allows people to communicate directly via voice, video, or text. Users can send media files, such as photos, video, audio recordings, and other content, to one another via direct messages (DMs). 

Your spouse/partner may be using this feature to interact with one or more persons separately, engaging in as many illicit sexual affairs as possible on Discord. 

Using Discord Servers With Community Members

The Discord app is made up of servers, a fancy word for “chat groups,” and there are two types: public and private. Public servers are open to thousands of users on the Discord app, and there’s no limitation to membership. On the other hand, private servers are strictly invite-only and usually consist of about 10 to 15 users. 

So, it’s possible that your partner/spouse is not just cheating on you with one person. They may belong to a private server where they engage in threesomes, foursomes, and other types of group-like sexual interactions.

Signs Your Partner/Spouse May Be Cheating On Discord

A couple playing video games

Below are a few signs to look out for to know if your partner is cheating on Discord.

They Suddenly Change Their Discord Password 

If you notice that your partner/spouse suddenly reset their Discord password, they may be chatting intimately with someone on Discord. My niece used to play games with her ex-boyfriend on Discord and could use the MidJourney account tied to his Discord account to generate AI images for specific school projects. However, when she noticed he changed his account password, that was the first red flag that made her consider the possibility of him cheating on Discord.

They Stay Up Late Pretending To Be Playing Games

For many people, the night is usually the best time to engage in illicit activities because they believe they won’t be caught. Your spouse/partner may have the same mindset. So, if you notice your partner or spouse suddenly starts staying up late, claiming to be playing games, and is actively on the Discord app, they may be using the platform to cheat on you.

They Always Excuse Themselves To Use Discord

I understand that people need their space. But when it becomes compulsive and unusual, it is a red flag you should look out for. A few months before my niece broke up with her ex, she noticed that he stopped using the Discord app around her whenever he was playing games or generating AI images. It was unlike him, and that made her more keen on finding out what exactly he was doing on Discord that he couldn’t do in her presence.

How To Catch A Cheating Partner/Spouse On Discord

Whether you’re looking for closure, want to alleviate your doubts, or want evidence to confront your cheating partner, the best way to go about it is to access your partner’s Discord account to see for yourself what exactly is going on there. Doing so helped my niece know her place in her relationship and where it was headed. So, next, I’ll be sharing different ways you can catch your cheating spouse/partner on Discord. 

Look Into Their Phone Or Computer

This may sound intrusive, but believe me, it’s the easiest route to get answers to the nagging questions in your heart. If you have your partner’s phone or computer login details, you can access their device when they’re not looking and check their Discord account. This will let you see for yourself what they’re doing there before they suspect that you know they’re cheating and then perhaps log out of their Discord account on all devices.

When my niece suspected her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her, her first thought was to snoop on his device to confirm or counter her suspicions. Luckily for her, there was an opportunity to do that one Sunday night when he dozed off while talking to his hookup on Discord. 

She took his Android phone, opened the Discord app, and read his most recent messages. And, voila! There, she found messages and media files that showed he was cheating.

Use A Spy App

Spy apps are useful tools for when you want to uncover specific details about your partner’s/spouse’s shenanigans outside your marriage or relationship. If you suspect your partner/spouse is engaging in inappropriate behavior or conversations on Discord, you can use a spy app to monitor everything from their sent/received messages to pictures, videos, and video calls on the platform. 

After my niece told me she snooped on her ex-boyfriend’s device, she was still not satisfied, as some messages that could have served as clear-cut evidence were deleted, so she needed real-time access to his activities on Discord. 

Her best bet was to install a spy app with a sophisticated keylogger to help her get the evidence she needed. I recommended a few paid Discord spy apps I have tested and used myself, and I will share them with you below.


mSpy is a mobile phone spy app you can use to access your partner’s/spouse’s Discord account, allowing you to get insight into their conversations on the platform. Fortunately, you can also keep it hidden on their device after installation to avoid being caught. The mSpy spy app costs $48.99/month (monthly plan), $27.99/month (quarterly plan), and $11.66/month (annual plan)

I discovered that you need to root the target Android phone or jailbreak the iPhone/iPad to use its mSpy Discord Tracking feature. To get more info about this tool, you should take a look at our comprehensive mSpy review to learn more about this tool. 


Cocospy is a widely used tool for tracking Discord chats because it has keylogger capabilities that record keystrokes made on the target device. Thanks to this feature, you can access your partner’s/spouse’s sensitive data, like their passwords and messages, on the Discord platform. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to jailbreak or root the target device to install this app. Plus, you can put it in stealth mode on your partner’s/spouse’s device to avoid being caught.

Cocospy costs $49.99 for a 1-month plan, $89.99 for a 3-month plan, and $149.99 for a 12-month plan. Although it doesn’t have a free version, Cocospy has reasonable prices considering its array of features. To learn more about this tool, you can check out our comprehensive Cocospy review

TheOneSpy Discord Spy App

TheOneSpy app is a comprehensive spy solution for the Discord app that helps you discover, in real time, what communities, chat groups, or private channels your partner/spouse has joined on the platform. It also has a live Discord screen recorder and voice/call recorder that allows you to document every activity on the app, save it to your dashboard, and access it anytime. 

It doesn’t require you to root the target Android phone to install it. However, if your partner/spouse uses an iOS device, you will have to jailbreak the iPhone/iPad to install TheOneSpy app. Moreover, you can put it in stealth mode on the target device to avoid detection. 

For pricing, TheOneSpy app has two pricing plans, TOS XLite and TOS Premium, which are available for monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions. TOS XLite costs $25/monthly, $45/quarterly, and $75/yearly. Then, TOS Premium costs $43/monthly, $95/quarterly, and $125/yearly.   


Is Discord like WhatsApp?

Discord is not like WhatsApp. Although both apps share similar features, they differ on many levels and cater to different groups of users.

Who uses Discord the most?

Teenagers and young adults between the ages of 15-35 years use Discord the most to interact, connect, play games, and meet like-minded people.

The Discord App Can Bring Discord To Your Marriage Or Relationship 

With its growing unique messaging features, you best believe that your partner/spouse can use Discord to cheat on you without raising any suspicions. My niece only got to know for sure that her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her after checking his device, and that was over three months since he started.

Well, you don’t have to wait that long to catch your cheating spouse/partner in the act. You can:

  • Check their device (mobile phone, tablet, or PC) when they’re not looking.
  • Install a spy app, such as mSpy or Cocospy, to get real-time evidence.

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