7 Best Screen Reader Apps And Software

Screen reader software allows any blind or visually impaired person to use the computer easily. These tools convert the content present on the screen into audio so that the user can hear and understand it easily. Some of the apps also provide Braille display output which blind people can read to get the information on the screen. … Read more

7 Best Apps For Nature Lovers To Experience The Wild

Who does not love to get close to nature? The greenery, peace, calm and soothing sounds, and various kinds of animals! Being close to nature we not only enjoy but also learn many things and gain information about the wild. But it can be a little hard to explore or learn about nature without proper guidance. … Read more

10 Best Virtual Reality Apps (VR) For Amazing Experience

Virtual Reality, a very fast growing technology that has also made a great impact on smartphones. Devices like Samsung and HTC have their own VR headset which allows you to take an experience of different worlds, various places and even games in virtual reality. But almost every device whether Android or iPhone, both are capable of providing … Read more

7 Best Scientific Calculator Apps For Android And iPhone

I am sure that everyone sometimes may need a calculator on their hand. But carrying it is a stupid idea, especially when you have a smartphone in your pocket. There are many apps which will serve all your purposes including scientific, graphical calculation and operations. So, we have come up with the best scientific calculator … Read more

7 Best Marine Engineering Apps For Mariners

There’s a lot on the plate when it comes to seafarers world. Whether it’s rules, navigation, ports, news, reports, and so on. To gain knowledge about all these things, for example, learning about the abbreviations related to the marine life and other things, we have come up with best marine engineering apps that cover all these … Read more