How To Use WiFi And Mobile Data Together For Faster Speed On Android

You might have noticed when you turn on the WiFi on your device either connected to a hotspot or a router; the mobile data turns off. You are not able to use both at the same time. And when your mobile data internet and WiFi both are not giving good speed, then you always look for something that can combine both WiFi and mobile data for faster internet speed. In this article, I will tell you how to use WiFi and mobile data both at the same time on an Android device without root.

Combine & Use WiFi And Mobile Data Together On Android Device

In this method, we will be using an Android app which does not require you to root your Android device. This app is developed for the device having a poor internet connection, which lets you merge & use WiFi and mobile simultaneously for faster internet speed. Follow the below steps to boost internet speed on your Android device.

1) Download Speedify app from Google Play Store.

2) Turn on your mobile data and WiFi connection as both the connections will be used to increase the internet speed.

3) Now open the Speedify app. The app will take a few seconds to connect to your WiFi and mobile data.

how to use wifi and mobile both at the same time on android device

4) Once it gets connected to both, it will enable the mobile data and WiFi icons as shown in the picture. Now you can close the app.

combine wifi and mobile data together for faster internet on android

That’s it. Now you can use WiFi and mobile data both at the same time on your Android device. Try watching videos and other heavy internet usage stuff, and you will experience better and faster internet speed.

If you are having multiple WiFi connections available then you can always switch to strongest WiFi connection automatically for better internet speed.

This app not only combines WiFi and mobile data together at the same time but also lets you keep track of the speed you are getting on your Android device and also how much internet data you have consumed. You have to make a purchase(monthly/yearly plan) to get unlimited access to Internet activity.


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