What Is Instagram Reel Videos (Reels) And How To Get It

What Is Instagram Reel Videos (Reels) And How To Get It

Instagram Reels is a new feature that allows you to post fun snippets on IG. You can use editing tools to combine multiple clips and add original audio that you can feature on your own highlight reel on Instagram. Are you interested in adding multiple clips to your Instagram page’s highlight reel? TikTok fans will … Read more

Instagram Not Posted Yet Try Again! How To Fix This Error In 9 Ways

Instagram Not Posting Photo! How To Fix This Error

Are you having trouble uploading a new photo on Instagram? You open the app, click the right buttons, but nothing happens. And then you realize: for some reason, you can’t post on Instagram. You’re not the only person who’s experiencing this problem. In fact, it’s a lot more common than you might have thought. In … Read more

How To Post Vimeo Video To Instagram? It’s Easy To Do With These Tools

Who doesn’t love using Vimeo? It’s a great video streaming platform with amazing content under its sleeves. It has many alternatives but still stays one of the best video platforms. If you use Vimeo daily, you must know that how sometimes you find excellent videos that you love to keep with yourself and share with … Read more

What Are The Dangers Of Instagram? How To Keep Your Kids Safe On This Social Media Platform

The Dangers Of Instagram

What are the dangers of Instagram for kids? This topic concerns me, as more youths are using Instagram at an increasingly younger age. In fact, 80 percent of all 13 to 18-year-olds and 23 percent of 8 to 12-year-olds have social media accounts.  Keep reading to learn how to keep your child safe on Instagram. … Read more

5 Of The Best Applications Like Instagram That Are Really Worth Your Attention

5 Of The Best Applications Like Instagram That Are Really Worth Your Attention

Instagram is the trendsetter today.  In 2019, this social networking site had 855 million users. All of them access this social media platform every month. More than 20 million businesses are represented on Instagram. It is hard to calculate even approximately the average income the platform gives to them.  Moreover, this social networking site changed … Read more

How To Stop Getting Tagged By Different Accounts On Inappropriate Pics

Instagram tags

It kills me. Yes, it kills me with frustration to see all those unknown people tagging me in the unnecessary posts on Instagram. And I think there are thousands of people like me who can’t bear the flood of unnecessary tagged media stuffing their profile. But there’s no option left other than cursing those people … Read more

Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed: How To Fix The Error In 10 Ways

a person scrolling through the Instagram feed

Who doesn’t love the endless scrolling on the Instagram feed? We all admit that it’s the best time killer activity for all of us. But all of a sudden when we see that ugly-looking “couldn’t refresh feed” message popping up, it makes us quite unhappy. All we want to do is, either smash our cellphone … Read more

7 Of The Best Ways How To Save Instagram Photos On Android

download image from instagram

The world of Instagram is full of sparks. Most of the photos and videos posted on the platform are so tempting that you want them saved in the gallery for making wallpapers or sharing with friends on WhatsApp. But the unavailability of the download option right inside Instagram really breaks our hearts. It doesn’t mean … Read more

How To Check If You Are Shadowbanned On Instagram

We all are very much aware of Hashtags and have a decent idea of how they work. You put a hashtag in your photo’s description and people who aren’t following you will find your photo through that hashtag. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Well, not really. Sometimes it may happen that even after using the hashtag, … Read more

Top 18 Of The Useful Instagram Tips and Tricks You Must Know About!

It feels good to be popular on Instagram. But with new updates and features, it is becoming a difficult job to manage an Instagram account and keep up with the changes. There are already over 1 billion monthly active Instagram users so you definitely need some useful tips and tricks to fully utilize your Instagram. Not … Read more