Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed: How To Fix The Error In 10 Ways

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Who doesn’t love the endless scrolling on the Instagram feed? We all admit that it’s the best time killer activity for all of us. But all of a sudden when we see that ugly-looking “couldn’t refresh feed” message popping up, it makes us quite unhappy. All we want to do is, either smash our cellphone (just kidding, don’t try it) or somehow fix the Instagram problem.

So, let’s see how to fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed issue and ensure an endless scrolling over Instagram.

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10 Ways To Fix The Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Issue

The problem seems to be quite irritating but its fixes are absolutely easy to follow. Moreover, we are providing 10 fixes so that even if one doesn’t work you can switch to another one.

instagram couldnt refresh feed

1. Check Internet Connection

Some of the feeds on Instagram are already loaded but as we scroll a little, we see the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed message.

So we assume that the problem just occurred at that particular moment. But in reality, your internet connection was not properly set up in the first place.

So make sure you check for your WiFi or mobile data connection, turn it on if it is not already, and then try loading the Instagram feed.

2. Mobile Data Limit

You confirmed that you’re properly connected to the internet but still not getting any positive results.

A lot of times the problem is that you have exceeded the mobile data limit of your cell phone for the present day.

And even you aren’t aware that you are out of data. This can be due to not getting any notification or message from the company side. Whatever be the case, you can solve the issue by simply buying more data for your device.

Another thing that you can try is, disabling the other apps or websites from using the data and only letting Instagram use the internet.

3. VPN Connection

VPN connections are highly in use these days.

As you all know, VPN services are used to get access to the sites or apps that are restricted by the country.

But there is quite a chance that when you try to load the Instagram feed while VPN is turned on, you aren’t able to do so. If this seems to be your case, try loading the feed after disabling the VPN connection.

You will probably be able to do load the feed now.

4.  Check For Updates

instagram update

Social media apps are known to get updated very frequently. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, the developers push updates every month.

So the problem you are facing might be due to the reason that your Instagram app is not updated for a long time.

So go to the Play Store or Apple Store and make sure the Instagram app on your device is up to date. If not, then update Instagram and relaunch the app again.

5. Log Out And Log In Again

You have checked for the internet speed, checked for the updates, the device is not connected to the VPN either. Everything seems to be completely fine, but the Instagram feed is still not loading.

Now, this is something we call torture.

But sometimes the easiest methods come out to be the real saviors. Just like we beat the TV remote and it miraculously starts to work, in the same way, just logging out and logging in again on Instagram might work. And you might get to scroll the Instagram feed again.

Here are the steps to perform:

1. For this to happen, click on the Profile icon, tap on the Hamburger icon at the top, and then select the Settings icon.

instagram logging out

2. Finally, tap on the Log Out option and again tap on Log Out. Now you are no more signed in to Instagram. Now sign up again and try scrolling the feed. The problem should go away.

logout of instagram

If you have troubles with logging in to Instagram, read this post about how to fix it.

6. Exit And Restart The App

the Instagram feed still not working?

Well, we assume that you have already tried out this method. But if you haven’t, just exit the Instagram app by tapping on the Home button or Back button of the phone. Give it a rest for a few minutes and then reopen the app.

You can even kill the app by tapping on the menu icon on the home screen and then swipe up the Instagram app card.

exit instagram

There are super high chances that your Instagram feed is working flawlessly now. What else can be an easier yet workable tip to fix the couldn’t refresh feed problem?

7. Clearing Cache (Video)

Although the device maintains the app cache for the user’s own benefit. But sometimes the same cache becomes the root of the problem.

The cache can be a hindrance to the smooth functioning of the Instagram app, hence making it difficult for you to load the Instagram feed. But once the cache gets cleared all your problems might also get cleared away.

For clearing the Instagram cache, follow these steps:

1. Open the phone settings and head to the App manager.

phone app manager

2. Now, open Instagram from the list of apps.

installed apps

3. Select the Storage option in the next step.

app storage

4. Simply tap on Clear cache to get rid of all the unnecessary Instagram files.

clear cache

Now go back to Instagram and see if your feed is working.

Check our video to see the steps in action:

8. Restart The Phone

Be it TVs, PC, laptops, or cell phones, when nothing works, restarting the device comes out to be the best option.

And in most of the cases, it does solve our problems too.

So if you’re still facing the problem, you can try to fix it by switching off your smartphone and then restarting it. Now open the Instagram app again, try to scroll the feed, and see if the problem’s gone.

9. Instagram Is Down

Sometimes the problem is not with your data or your smartphone. And we try out every possible way to overcome the couldn’t refresh feed problem.

But the problem is with Instagram itself.

Maybe the Instagram servers are down and you are not the only one facing the problem. Everyone using Instagram at that moment is engaged in the same problem. In this hard time, all you can do is, wait, until the problem of Instagram not loading pictures gets fixed.

This can cause many other problems with Instagram.

So go ahead and check whether Instagram is down. Maybe it is!

10. Contact Instagram Support

Now that you’re reading this section, we assume that you have gone through all the fixes above. And not a single one gave even slight relief.

This seems to be a serious problem and the one that contains some kind of technical issue. These kinds of problems are not fixable by restarting the device, updating the app, or logging back again.

So we’ll suggest that you contact the Instagram team directly and report your problem to them:

1. Just go to the Instagram Settings.

instagram settings

2. Select the Help tab.

help centre

3. Finally, select Report a Problem.

report a problem

Did You Solve The Problem Of Instagram Not Loading Pictures?

Personally for me, if Instagram couldn’t refresh the feed, the app is quite useless for me. The reason being that it’s the most enjoyable feature of the app. If the feed does not work, it’s even worse than the case when I cannot post photos.

So fixing it up is not an option, it’s a necessity.

And with all the methods above, I’m more than sure you’re gonna enjoy using Instagram like before. If you think we left out some other important method to fix the issue, do share it in the comments below.

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