Freeletics Review: Who Needs A Gym To Get Fit

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With today’s fast pacing environment and so much pressure, any of us hardly have the time to get a gym membership. So is there any workaround available? Yes, this where an app like Freeletics can help you to reach your fitness goals. Check out our review to know all about it.

Freelitics is a program which comprises of four apps designed to get users into the best shape of their life. Yes, you read it right. 4 Apps! To be very brief, these apps provide you with exercises, fitness and nutrition plans based on your current health conditions.

After registering successfully, you will be prompted to answer some basic questions about yourself like how often do you workout, your workout goals(gaining mass or shredding) and your current fitness levels.  All these apps will provide you a workout plan to start based on the analysis of all the information that you have provided.

Freeletics Review: Top Features

1. Bodyweight Workout

Freeletics bodyweight

Freeletics gives you access to HIIT (High-Intensity Interval training) through Freeletics: Personal Trainer & Fitness Workouts app. This app provides you with high-intensity workout plans and exercises with your bodyweight only. You can find all body workouts from upper body to lower body workout and core workout as well. Most importantly, these workouts are designed in a way to benefit their users from all categories whether they are focusing on muscle gains or losing weight.


Freeletics fitness app

The app will let you start with the basic workout. You will have to pay for Coach which holds the spotlight in order to proceed with the intensity and increase your fitness level. Other than Coach you will be quite limited in terms of exercise modules in the free version.

Available on Android and iOS

2. Gym Training

Freeletics gym

If you are one of those users who are not satisfied with your gym trainer and want to take action into your hands or maybe you own some of the basic pieces of equipment like Barbell, Plates or extra weights then Freeletics has a different app for you named as Freeletics Gym.

You can learn some difficult gym movements step by step from this app. Some of these movements are like Deadlifts and front squats. All these moves are available on Learn The Movements tab.

Freeletics workouts

It lets you choose from four training regimes which are Strength, Conditioning, Endurance, and Challenges. These pieces of training are divided into further subcategories. You also can get access to personalized coach via in-app purchase.

Available on Android and iOS

3. Nutrition Tracker

Freeletics nutrition

Getting in shape involves 70% diet and 30% workout. There is no point in working out if you are not eating healthy. Our body needs all the nutrients and protein to keep working properly. That is why Freeletics have designed a separate app dedicated for nutrition only called Freeletics Nutrition.

Anyone just has to filter their region or country and the app will display loads of recipes which will be beneficial for your health. You can select those recipes according to your preference like vegetarian etc.

There is also a section called Shopping list available in which you can plan to cook your upcoming meals by adding recipes to the list.

Available on Android and iOS

4. Overall Fitness

Freeletics Review - running

No other exercise can be better than running for weight loss and endurance. It helps in increasing your stamina and even in reducing stress levels. Keeping that in mind, developers introduced an app called Freeletics Running for all the runners out there.

When it comes to running, there isn’t much an app can do except for measuring and tracking your physical activities, therefore, this app also does the same. You can select your preferred fitness model and his or her workout regime.

Freeletics running

Running sessions are divided either into distance or time like 2 minutes and 200 meters. Start running with location turned on and the app will take care of the rest.

Available on Android and iOS

5. Coach

You can have a virtual personal coach to take your fitness to a whole different level in all of the four apps provided by Freeletics. But you need to pay to get this feature. No free trial is provided although you have the option to get your money back in 14 days.

Users can certainly increase their intensity of workout using this feature. But to be honest I am a little disappointed. I would have preferred a free trial instead of money back guarantee.


As I have mentioned earlier, Freeletics coach will only be available when you are ready to switch to the premium version.

There are 3 subscription plans available

3 Months

Training and Nutrition: $79.40 /week

Training: $ 52.93/week

 6 months

Training and Nutrition: $74.79/week

Training: $49.8/week


Training and Nutrition: $56.10/week

Training: $37.40/week

Ease Of Use

The user interface is easy to use and user-friendly. I especially liked video tutorials because they were explained until every detail about an exercise is covered. But again for a free customer, there isn’t much to explore as the most of the sections were locked out.


  • The User interface is simple and easy to use. You can easily browse through different tabs and sections and not feel overwhelmed even when they have provided so many of them.
  • Feed section is motivating and helps the user to try something new whenever they feel bored apart from normal workouts like 50 pushup challenge and 5K run.Freeletics feed
  • Training tutorial videos are great. Unlike other competitors, they have provided every minute detail for each and every workout like starting position, end position, posture, and form. Even the music used is quite motivating in these videos.Freeletics review - workout video
  • Helps visually on how to execute all exercises properly.
  • Coach is helpful in committing to working out regularly.
  • App provides bodyweight workout plans which can be done anywhere and anytime.


  • They should have at least provided 7 day trial for coach services so that the user can get an idea for what they are paying instead of 14-day money back guarantee.
  • Freelitics should have organized all of their apps in a better way. Or they should have combined all of the five apps in a single app.
  • No reminder add-on to remind the users of their workout routine.
  • Combination of workouts could have been more.

My Final Thoughts

Any workout is better than no workout. And if you ask me about a fitness app then I would definitely recommend this app for beginners but not for those for are already comfortable with advanced workout routines. Also, go for the premium version because there’s not much to explore in the free version.

What do you think? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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