7 Best Food Tracker Apps To Avoid Unhealthy Eating

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Who does not like to eat? But no one certainly likes to eat either unhealthy or too much that they are unable to recognize themselves. Now, you can stay fit by tracking your eating habits, food, and meals with these best food tracker apps available for Android & iPhone in 2018 and give your body what it deserves.

1. Dining Note

dining note - food journal

A very simple yet effective way to keep your diet in control is keeping a food journal. Dining Note will help you here. You can’t always carry a pen or paper but you do carry your smartphone. This app will let you write down the daily meals and the food items that you take. You can even add where and with whom you were at that time. Apart from this, you can also add photos if you want to make the journal more effective.

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2. See How You Eat

see how you eat

This is another food diary app and as the name suggests this will show you what you eat. There is a saying that seeing is believing, so this app focuses on improving your eating habits by providing an overview of what you eat. By this way, you can judge whether the things you are eating are healthy for you or not.

At the start, you have to mention your goal and select the benefits it will have so you can be motivated. This app works by clicking the photo of the meal you had and adding it to its category i.e Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Snacks on daily basis. You can also set reminders for eating times and never miss the correct time of a meal.

Apart from this, you can also add text to the photo of your meal and share it with your friends. If you wish you can have a coach, shop for healthy items and follow See How You Eat on Facebook. Though for a coach you will have to download their paid app.

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3. 21 Day Fix Tracker

21 day fix tracker- Best food tracker apps

This app will help you in maintaining your eating habits and body. All it asks is to give your commitment to the 21-day diet plan. You can choose from the 2 given programs 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme. After you select, it will then ask you for your current weight. Be sure to provide your actual weight or the diet plan may not work.

Now there will be a menu where you will see Introduction about what the app is all about and some guidelines. Containers will show you list of all the foods and proteins which you can eat during your 21 day period. There is a 21 Day Tracker where the actual tracking of your diet plan is done in a 3-week chart. Just select the day and it will give you the plan you have to follow for that particular day. You can also add notes and goals to the plan.

The diet plan includes recommended workouts, portions of food which you have to eat including oil and water. Input the quantity of food that you have taken for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. This app will then show you whether you are eating up to the mark, more or less.

Besides this, you can also track transformation by entering your body measurement before starting the plan. Once you are done with the plan, provide the measurements again in After section and see what changes you have made.

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4. Rise Up: Eating Disorder Help

rise up - food tracker app

With the help of this app, you can not only track your food you have eaten but also your mood which will allow you to manage both your mind and body. The app is quite simple to use as you just have to enter your daily routine and what you eat.

The dashboard of the app will show you 4 options. Daily Check-in where you can provide your daily emotions, actions and prescribed drugs or medication. Meal Log is for entering what and when you eat. You can also add your mood and activity you have done after, before or during the meal.

Coping Skills will give you tips and recommendations regarding any of the problems you are going through whether it’s for mind or body. For e.g., if you are not feeling good, it will recommend you to talk to friends and let it all out or embrace yourself by writing a poem. A really helpful feature to increase self-confidence. You can always share your progress with your friends and family as PDF via email.

rise up - fitness tracker

Extras will allow you to set reminders for your meals and daily emotions. Apart from this, you can also set security for this app. Listen to music, podcast and you can even read blogs related to health and good habits. Find treatments and doctors for any of your problems under find support. The one thing that I like about this app is that it will show you great motivational quotes and poems which will really inspire you to do more.

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5. My Diet Coach

my diet coach - food tracker

Due to a busy life, not everyone is able to give the best for their fitness. My Diet Coach will try to help you with lots of exercises and tips to get that rugged look. At startup, the app will ask you to provide your current weight and after that, it will ask you what your goal is. The goal is to reduce weight and you can set the weight as per your choice.

My Diary where you will give the information about the food and exercises that you have planned to do for reaching the goals. Unfortunately, the Meal and other options in this section are for premium users only. To use these features you can buy it from in-app purchases.

You can also set reminders which will remind you to do exercises and complete challenges to fulfill your goals. Reminders for things like cooking a healthy meal or track my challenges and many other things can be set here. Challenges are different ways to keep you healthy and active. You can assign different challenges like for exercise you can set a run for 15 minutes. For eating habits, you can set how many glasses of water to drink per day while in self-control you can stop yourself from eating junk.

Besides these earn rewards for completing your challenges and goals, add photos to motivate yourself or mark your progress and get tips regarding different challenges.

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yazzio - food tracker app for Android and iOS

Whether you want to lose your weight, build muscles or stay healthy YAZIO will help you out on all of that by keeping track of your calories. Just like all other apps, provide your body values and your actions that you do mostly. Then in Diary, you have to add your daily activities like the exercises you do, glasses of water you have and all the food you eat during the day. You can also scan the barcode for packed items.

Based on your goal of calorie burning, activities completed and meals taken, this app will give you details about how much calories have you gained and how many are remaining to burn. It also tracks your vitals via Google Fit, it just has to be installed and connected with your device and this app. If this doesn’t make it one of the best food tracker apps then what does?

yazzio - food tracker apps

Moving over this app also helps in taking short challenges like to avoid sweet or junk food etc. It will keep a countdown for how much time you were able to stay away from them. You can even set a timer to remind you of making healthy meals. Now one thing this app has for you is that it will show you the recipes for many delicious and healthy food which you can eat without worrying. There are also some in-app purchases which you can make to have more details about food and diet plans.

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7. Calorie Counter – My Net Diary

Calorie Counter - My Net Dairy

This app will simply show you how much calories you have consumed. You can enter the details of the meals you have during the day and select from a preloaded list of suggestions. It also allows scanning barcode for packed items. This app also has a database which will provide information regarding the calories and other key nutrients that the food contains.

You can enter the details of different exercises that you do so that it can monitor your activity of burning calories. Apart from this, you can have a track of your nutrients intake and amount of water you drink. My plan will focus on the goal you have set, fat carbs and proteins intake amount. It can help you in losing your weight by providing the best exercise options.

Now, in addition, you can check all of your data in detail by going to the menu at the top left of your dashboard.

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Best Food Tracker Apps For Android and iPhone To Control Your Diet

No one likes to be out of shape and in order to give you the perfect way to manage your diet and workouts we have provided the list of best food tracking apps to get most out of your busy day. These all apps will help you in achieving your goals but in order to do that, you would have to have a commitment for it.

Remember to be healthy is a good thing but never go crazy, do what you can and sometimes push yourself but always take care of your health. No matter how you are, you will always be beautiful from the inside. We hope you will be able to manage your diet and stay fit with these apps. So, give it a try and tell us if it helped you.

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