Top 11 mSpy Free And Paid Alternatives: Which One Should You Choose?

Top 10 mSpy Free And Paid Alternatives

Are you interested in apps that allow you to track your or someone else’s location and activity? Although the jury’s still out when it comes to the morality of spying on other people’s online lives, as parents, it’s understandable why you might want to consider installing an app that will help you monitor your child. … Read more

TOR vs. Brave: Which Browser Gives You More Privacy?

Brave vs. Tor Which Browser Gives You More Privacy

It’s only been within the last few years that people have begun paying attention to how much their web browsers track what they do.  Whether it’s a recommended product on Facebook based on your Google search history, an overly personal advertisement, or another privacy intrusion, more people than ever are abandoning Chrome and heading to … Read more

Spyzie Vs mSpy: Which Monitoring App Should You Choose?

Spyzie Vs mSpy: Which Monitoring App Should You Choose?

Most parental control and spying apps have the same basic features. At the bare minimum, they can access location, view call logs and browser history, and block apps on the target device. That said, not all apps are created equal. In fact, out of all the tracking apps available today, Spyzie and mSpy are two … Read more

9 Incredible Uses of 3D Scanning Technology in Today’s World

3D scanner

Trillions of dollars are poured into new technology every year by the world’s biggest businesses. Why? Because CEOs see the value that cutting-edge advances can bring to their workflows and the world. Among the many types of technology that are receiving attention from investors, 3D scanning technology seems to be leading the pack. Since its … Read more

5 Of The Best Applications Like Instagram That Are Really Worth Your Attention

5 Of The Best Applications Like Instagram That Are Really Worth Your Attention

Instagram is the trendsetter today.  In 2019, this social networking site had 855 million users. All of them access this social media platform every month. More than 20 million businesses are represented on Instagram. It is hard to calculate even approximately the average income the platform gives to them.  Moreover, this social networking site changed … Read more

11 Of The Best Free Parental Control Apps for iPhone and Android: Protect Your Kids From Dangerous Web

11 Best Free Parental Control Apps for iPhone and Android

Worried about your kids on their phones all the time? Today, children have more access to digital technology than any other previous generation.  This is eye-opening because they can use digital information to enrich their knowledge and learn about the world. However, as a parent, you must be questioning your kids’ online safety.  This is … Read more

10 Google Cardboard Apps for iPhone: Bring VR to Your Phone!

10 Google Cardboard Apps for iPhone: Bring VR to Your Phone!

Are you familiar with virtual reality? Luckily for those interested in this technology, Google offers an easy, simple, and very affordable way to enjoy VR: Google Cardboard. All you need to use Google Cardboard is a compatible app on your smartphone and a headset that you can either create yourself or buy prebuilt.  With headset … Read more

What Is WhatsApp? Learn Everything About This App From My Review

What Is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a free messaging app for Android smartphones, iPhones, Mac computers, and Windows PCs. It allows you to make calls and send texts, images, videos, voice recordings, and documents up to 100 MB. You can even video group chat with up to 8 people. These functions are free as long as you use WiFi. Has … Read more

MiniTool Movie Maker Review: A Great Video Editing Software For Beginners

This article is sponsored by MiniTool MovieMaker. Even though sponsored, the complete content and opinions are sole views of the author based on their experience with the app. After watching the videos on YouTube and Instagram, do you wonder how people have such great editing skills? And you must have an image in mind that … Read more

7 Best Craigslist Apps For Android And iPhone

Best Craigslist Apps for Android and iPhone

Craigslist is a solution to most of your problems. Need a car, bike or any other vehicle? No problem. Need dining table, rocking chair, antiques or any other furniture? Craigslist is there for you. Craving for laptops, phones, computers or other electronics? Go for it. Almost everything you can imagine, (obviously not heaven), can be … Read more