10 Best Truth Or Dare Apps Filled With Fun

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Truth or Dare is a fun game that can be played between 2 or more people. You can play it anywhere or anytime like house, parties, with your friends and family. I remember playing it with my friends when I was in high school whenever we got some time between the classes. And there is no age limit for this game to play. All you need is a bottle to spin.

Now you can also use your smartphones to play truth or dare with your friends to pass the time and know their secrets or see their guts of doing the dare. As we carry our devices with us all the time it can be played anywhere. In this list, we have mentioned some of the cool truth or dare apps that you can download on Android and iPhone. So let’s start.

Best Truth Or Dare Apps To Enjoy With Your Friends

1. Spin The Bottle

Truth Or Dare - Spin The Bottle

Here you can play truth and dare with three different methods. Spin the bottle, auto next turn or random turn. In Spin the bottle you will need to spin the bottle manually in each turn. While in rest of the methods the app will automatically determine the name of the player for each round. One good thing about this app is that it has three different modes for kids, teens, and adults. You can add a maximum of 15 players in any of the given modes.

Now moving ahead once the player turn comes they will get to select either truth or dare. As they select any of them the app will provide the question for truth and tasks for dare to each player randomly. To complete the game each player will be given a time of 60 seconds which can be disabled to play differently. If you wish then you can also add your own truth or dare items in the game. It will also keep the score for each game so you can determine the winner easily.


2. Truth Or Dare Game

best truth or dare apps - Truth Or Dare Game

Just like the above game with all the option like selecting the mode of playing, adding custom truth or dares, and adding the players, everything is similar. The only thing that is different here is that this app is available for iPhone users while the above one was only for Android devices.


3. Truth Or Dare

Truth Or Dare

This app is quite similar to the above two apps with a few differences. What they have similar is the modes i.e. kids, teen and adults and the option to add your own truth or dares. Apart from these, here you can add up to 20 players in one game and the interface is completely different.

One more thing here is that the players turn comes according to their name on the list i.e auto next turn. No option to spin the bottle or pick a random player like the above app. It will also show the current scores from time to time in between the game so that you can keep a check on who is leading the game.

Android | iOS

4. Truth Or Dare For Couples And Friends

Truth Or Dare For Couples And Friends

If you are looking to play truth or dare game with your spouse or loved ones then you can try this one. There are two versions from which you can start playing the game a couple version for two and group version to play with your friends. There are five levels in each of the version out of which two i.e. Fun and Soft are free to play. These modes are suitable for people of all ages while the paid levels are much difficult and suitable only for people above the age of 18.

Apart from all these levels, you can also play the custom level where you can add your own truth and dares and play accordingly. One more thing, here you can add any number of players in the Group version to play and even select the gender for each player. And the method of picking the turn is also random with a spin. It does not have any bottle but the way it spins the names of the players looks pretty cool.


5. Nerve

Nerve - Truth Or Dare app for ios

Another game where you will only get to choose the mode of playing and get the questions or tasks to be answered or done respectively. You will not get the option to select the turn of the player that seems to be lacking in most the of iOS apps. But that’s not a big deal. In addition to all this, you can add custom cards and put the truth and dares that you wish to be used in the game.


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6. Truth Or Dare Ultimate

Truth Or Dare Ultimate - best truth or dare apps

Once you open the app the game will start and initially, it will ask you to choose the age group which will be playing this game. According to that, it will show the dares and truths so that it is suitable for the players. Then the game will start but you will need to add your players as it will show the pre-added names of the players.

You can add as many players as you want and also select the gender for each of them. And you can also select whether to select the turn in series or randomly from the list. What more this app has to offer is that you will have the option to select or unselect the age groups and the types of dares and question that are allowed in the game. You can even add custom question and tasks or even remove the existing once.


7. Truth Or Dare?

Truth Or Dare by Mobilith Pty Ltd

If you are running out of tasks or questions to be given while playing the game then this app can help you out. Here you will get no option to select the turn of the players and that will have to be done manually using a real bottle. It has various categories to choose from like Kids, Teens, Adults, Extreme, Clothing and some more. All you have to do is pick the category and select whether you choose truth or dare to get your question or tasks.

Some of the categories are for people who like to play this game in really challenging levels with no exception to the questions and tasks to be done. And such categories are not suitable for everyone unless they are 18 above and know what they are doing. So think before you choose.


8. Nerve-Racking

Truth Or Dare 2 Nerve-Racking

This is one of the best truth or dare apps on iOS devices and on the list. It is simple and very fun to use. The app will provide you with a bottle that you can spin to see whose turn will come. Before spinning, keep the device in between all the friends who are playing the game. Or you can also switch to name board mode and edit the names as per your choice. Once the bottle stops a card will be drawn which will consist of the question or task to be done.

What great about this app is that you can select different kinds of bottles to spin and even change the deck of cards. Changing the deck of cards will also change the type of question it will provide. Though there are various decks available you can only play from the given two, rest you will need to buy using in-app purchases. It even allows enabling the option to read out the tasks whenever a card is drawn out of the pack.


9. Truth Or Dare Question – Spin The Bottle

Truth Or Dare Question - Spin The Bottle

In this app, you will get to select the mode of the game i.e. kids, teen, and adults. It also lets you select the type of game from spin the bottle or auto next turn. You can add a maximum of 12 players to play the game. Once the game starts you will have to spin the bottle to know which players turn will come.

Now here you can select other objects to spin apart from the bottle like a pen, paintbrush etc. depending on the mode of the game. You can say this game is completely similar to Truth Or Dare – Spin The Bottle but with different animations, fewer players and the option to change the bottles to spin. And it will also show who is the winner once you end the game.


10. Truth Or Dare By Marmelapp Entertainment

Truth Or Dare By Marmelapp Entertainment

Like all the apps on this list, this one will also help you in playing truth or dare with your friends. You can play with up to 12 players in this game and select from 4 modes to play with. The modes here are completely different than the rest of the apps which are Dare! The truth,  Silly, Watch your backs! and the last Public places.

Each mode has a different type of tasks and question depending on how or where you are playing. Now you can only play with the first mode, but the app provides a free trial to play all the modes for three days. After this, you can either discontinue using it or buy the premium version if you like the game. And it’s the same on both Android and iOS devices. This app can even give the dare to more than one player at a time to complete it together which is kind of fun in these type of games.

Android | iOS

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Wrapping Up

So these were my picks for best truth or dare apps for Android and iPhone users. You can play using any of the apps as they all are filled with fun questions and interesting tasks to be completed. Do you remember when was the last time you played this game? Don’t forget to share your interesting stories with this game and let us know which app you preferred to play with your friends.

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