7 Best Fishing Games For Kids

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Fishing is a source of occupation for many people. Some even consider it as a hobby. Sometimes, we cannot find time other than the weekends to enjoy fishing with our loved ones. Especially, the young ones who can have real fun while doing it. To tackle this situation, here we have mentioned the best fishing games available on Android and iPhone. These games can help kids to get the idea of fishing and its basics while enjoying at the same time. So here we go.

Best Fishing Games Available For Your Smartphone

1. Fishing StrikeFishing Strike game

It is a very graphics intensive application and every detail is impressive. This could be the best game, through which you can develop the foundation of fishing in your child. It offers various achievements for you to complete and provides challenges to increase your skills. The gameplay takes you to 6 different states all over the 6 continents for fishing. Each State has different locations where you have to catch different fish as per the requirements of the achievements. Completing the tasks in one place will lead you to the next location.

All the fishes that you catch can be stored in an aquarium or you can sell them if you want. You can also view your Aquarium using a Virtual Reality glass or use your phone and view it in 360 degrees. This game provides you with both the features and are quite good add-ons.

During the gameplay, you can cast the hook into the water where most of the fishes are, the information will be provided by the app. Lure a fish into the trap and then manage the reel to catch the fish. This game can also be played by adults.

iOS: Download | Android: Download

2. Hippo Fishing 2Hippo Fishing 2

This game is only for children of age group between 6 – 12. This is a real kid simulator game, which provides lots of new and interesting information. The interface is quite cartoonish, so kids will love it.

Start the game and tap the echo sounder, which is placed on the top right side of the screen. This will locate the most exotic fish in the ocean. Your hippo character will then move to the desired location using a boat.

Upon reaching the specified location, the game will display some other fishes at the top. You need to catch the mentioned fishes from the sea. After you get all the above-mentioned fishes, catch the specified creature which you found using the echo sounder.  Collect all the creatures in a specified time limit. You can also view the fishes in your aquarium.

Android: Download

3. Fishing Baronfishing games for kids - Fishing Baron

Most realistic fishing game ever where you can learn fishing without getting outdoors. This game changes with the cycle of day and night and also with the days of the week. It gives you a nice serene location and also adds natural sounds like birds chirping and flowing of water as well.

Adjust the location for baiting by moving the surrounding left or right as per your requirement. You don’t get any assistance from the app, so you have to work on your own. Select the Fishing rod button below and take it out to get in the business. Tap anywhere on the water to throw the reel and set the trap. As soon as a fish will take the bait reel up the wire to take the fish out of the water.

You can sell the fish as well to earn money. After that, use it to buy new rods and other fishing equipment. So, launch the app, and go fishing.

Android: Download

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4. Fishing HookFishing Hook

This game will take you straight to the outdoors. It doesn’t have a story mode while the graphics are decent enough to give a realistic feeling. You will get changes in the weather and it also gives you different daylight conditions like morning, afternoon, sunset, etc. In the game, you get a reel button. Tap it and you’ll get an adjusting meter on the top. The meter reading symbolizes how far your bait will be thrown. Release the button as per the information of the meter and it will throw the bait into the water.

As soon as you get a fish in your hook drag it towards yourself. You need to adjust the tension of the wire by releasing the reel and reeling up. Going too high or too low for the tension could let your prey escape. Another meter above will guide you with information about the tension. Drag the fish towards you and catch it.

While you’re trying to take the fish out of the water the phone gives you nice haptic feedback. It kind of feels nice and gives a realistic touch to the fishing rod. Other than that, the app gives you 13 different exotic locations for fishing.

Android: Download

5. Let’s Fishbest fishing games - Let's Fish

It is one of the best sports fishing game available on iOS. As you get in the game, it gives you a nice calm environment. You cannot change or select a specific area in the location. At the bottom of the app, you’ll see a button that says, Cast your line. Tap the button to release your bait into the water.

This app gives vibrating feedback as any fish goes for the bait and get caught in the hookA meter above will again provide you with the information of the tension in the wire, just like the Fishing Hook game. Pull the prey towards you by adjusting the tension, not too low, not too high or the fish escapes.

It gives rewards after every few minutes. You can obtain these rewards by tapping on the treasure box. It also lets you choose another location to catch fish from the globe button. Other locations get unlocked when you push your rank to higher levels.

iOS: Download

6. Fishing ClashFishing Clash

Unlike some of the above-mentioned games, Fishing Clash gives you a nice landscape view of the environment with some decent animation of the water. It gives you daily achievements which you’ll have to complete within a certain time to get the rewards. Other than that, you also get other reward packs which will restore in a few hours.

To start fishing, open the app and tap the cast button to throw the bait into the water. Lure the fish by the decoy. As any fish approaches and gets stuck to the hook, you can see movements in the reel wire. It will also give feedback via sounds.

Again, like most of the games, adjustments to the reel is necessary. Reel up taking caution by managing the tension of the reel wire. It also has the options for joining clans. Joining a clan will allow you to talk to clan members. You can also request and receive baits from them.

Complete your daily achievements to increase your level. It gives you 15 different locations to explore, but the location can only be accessed only when you get to the required level.

Android: Download

7. Rapala FishingRapala Fishing - best fishing game for Android

As you go for the game, it asks you to link your profile with Facebook or you can continue as a guest. This game initially starts with a tutorial and shows you how to master the controls. Unlike the other above-mentioned games, this one gives you total manual control over the gameplay.

Once you start playing, it will take you to a window with a map of the States. Here you have 9 different locations all over the States, which you can choose for fishing. In the beginning, you will find only one location. Pushing your rank through fishing will unlock other locations.

As mentioned earlier, this game gives you total control over everything. You have to cast the bait into the water by swiping over the rod in a specific direction. Even luring the fish using the bait is manual. You need to wiggle the bait by swiping left and right on the screen. This gives you a very nice underwater animation. Once a fish gets stuck in the hook, pull the reel with adjustment to bring the prey closer and catch it.

Android: Download

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We are sure, that these apps will come in handy for providing fundamental knowledge of fishing and marine life to kids. We use tech just to make our life simpler and hope these mentioned apps will help you out. In case if you think we missed out some worthy mentions, do let us know in the comment section.

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