Steps To Add Exodus To Kodi

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Kodi is one of the best media streaming applications available for various platforms like Windows PC, Mac, smartphones, Smart TV etc. This application provides the option to install various 3rd party add-ons with the help of which you can get a lot of features in Kodi that are not offered officially. Exodus is one of the best add-ons available for Kodi. If you are looking for the method to install Exodus add-on on Kodi, then this one is for you. Here we have mentioned the steps to do so. After that, you can start watching movies and TV Shows from various websites directly on Kodi.

Disclaimer: Exodus is not developed by Kodi and is a 3rd party add-on. At TechUntold we don’t accept piracy or copyright violation. We don’t take any responsibility for how our readers will use the software mentioned here. TechUntold is not related to or affiliated with the software in any way. So, we recommend you to make use of the software properly.

What Is The Use Of Exodus?

Exodus allows users to stream videos from various streaming sites using the Lambda scraper. This way you can search, browse and select the content to watch from any of the available streaming websites like Openload, Streamango etc. directly on Kodi application.

Exodus is managed by its developers and is updated frequently to provide users with better viewing experience. Still wondering whether you should install Exodus addon or not?

Enable Unknown Sources On Kodi

Exodus is not developed by Kodi so firstly you will have to allow installation of 3rd party add-ons in Kodi. Here’s how you can do that:-

1. On the homepage select the Settings option.

enable unknown sources Kodi

2. Now in the settings menu, select System.

kodi Settings

3. After this, on the left side panel go to the Add-ons tab. And then on the right panel, you will see the option Unknown sources.

allow installation from unknown sources Kodi

Switch the toggle button in front of Unknown sources towards the right to enable it. Now you can continue to install the Exodus add-on using the steps below.

How To Get Exodus On Kodi

1. Open Kodi application, tap on the Settings or gear icon at the top of the left side panel.

Get Exodus On Kodi - settings

2. Here go to the File manager.


3. Inside the File Manager, select Add Source.

Add source - Kodi

Then on the pop-up section, tap on None and enter the following – and then enter the name under this as iac.

Add file source - add repo Kodi

Once it is done as shown on the image below tap on OK.

Add file source URL - Kodi repository

4. Now go to the main dashboard of Kodi and select Add-ons.

Get Exodus On Kodi

Inside this, select the Dropbox icon at the top of the left side panel as shown below.

Kodi add-ons

5. Here tap on Install from zip file.

install zip file - Kodi

Then open the iac folder, select and tap OK.

select zip file - Kodi add-on

Wait for the notification showing Exodus Repository installed on the right side of the screen.

6. After this, Select Install from repository, above Install from zip file option.

install exodus on Kodi

7. Here you will see the Exodus Redux Repo, select it.

Kodi Exodus Redux Repo

Inside this, select Video Add-ons.

Kodi Exodus add-ons

8. After this, select Exodus Redux.

Use Exodus on Kodi

Tap on Install. As soon it installs you will see the notification for it on the corner of the display as shown in the image below.

exodus addons and update

You can also update exodus from here, for that you just have to tap on the update.

9. Once the installation is complete, head over to the Add-ons section on the main dashboard and under Video add-ons, you will be able to see Exodus Redux.

install Exodus On Kodi

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Change Provider Settings To Lamda Scraper

In case you face any problem while streaming the videos and see the message ‘No stream available’, then you can follow the given steps.

1. Go to Add-ons and select Exodus Redux.

Kodi Exodus

2. From here select Tools.

Kodi Exodus - tools

3. Inside tools select Settings: Provider.

Kodi Exodus - tools - settings providers

4. After this, settings will open. Here in front of the Choose Module Provider Source, you will see, default, change it to Lamda Scrapers.

Kodi Exodus - choose module provider source

Then Select the Open Lamda Scraper Settings below it. Now it may ask you to install the Lamda Scrapper settings, if so select Yes.

5. After the setting is saved, select Enable All Providers(for current Module Scraper).

Kodi - enable all provider for Exodus redux

Now go back to the main menu, select Exodus add on, search and stream the video and TV shows without any streaming problems.

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Add Exodus To Favorites To Acess It Quickly

Now once you are done installing the Exodus, you can see it under the Add-ons section but if you wish to access it more quickly then you can follow the given steps and add it to the favorites tab.

1. Head over to the Add-ons section in the Kodi homepage from the left side panel. After that, press back button to reach add-ons homepage.

kodi exodus redux

Then on the right side panel select My add-ons under the Categories at the top.

2. Now, select Video add-ons from the right side panel.

kodi video addons

3. This will open and show you all the video add-ons that you have installed. Here long press the Exodus Redux option until a pop-up menu appears.

add exodus to shortcuts on kodi

4. From this pop menu, select Add to favourites.

add exodus to favourite on kodi

5. Now whenever you open the Kodi application, you can access Exodus Redux by going to the favorites tab on the left side panel of the Kodi home screen.

Kodi - exodux

Just select Exodus and you are good to go. That’s it. No more browsing through add-ons and other folders everytime you wish to stream or search for any movies, video or TV shows.

Wrapping Up

We hope you are able to add Exodus to Kodi using the steps mentioned above. You can start searching and watching the videos as soon as this add-on is installed. I would advise using any VPN service so that you can stream and use Kodi without any trouble. In case of any query, ask them in the comments section below.

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Hitesh Sharma is a tech enthusiast who is always happy to learn and present new things regarding the social and online world. Loves to eat and sleep, who does not? Likes to explore new things and places, and always ready to share his part of the knowledge.

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