Kicksta Review: Target The Right Audience

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Instagram has reached great heights in the social networking world.

Not only that but it has also allowed many businesses to flourish and grow.

That said, it is not that easy to grow an Instagram account and attract followers. If you have your own Instagram account and want to reach a large number of users then you can use an Instagram growth service. In this article, we are going to review and see Kicksta, an Instagram growth service that ensures to increase your account followers and reach without you putting in the hard yards.

So let’s check out what all it has to offer and how will it help you.

Kicksta Review

Kicksta is an Instagram automation tool that helps in attracting and gaining the audience organically.

It connects active users who may be interested in following any target account rather than useless or bot followers.

Kicksta Review

This service is used by many businesses, brands and even by motivational speakers and influencers. Kicksta not only grows your following but it does it the right way by engaging the right audience.

Key Features

  • Unique Filtering System: Using the Kicksta filtering system you can easily rule out accounts that are not useful or are spam accounts.  Additional filters are provided with business accounts with which you can narrow down your targets with respect to Gender, Location, and if you wish you can also add Blacklists to filter out specific accounts.Filtering Options - Kicksta
  • Kicksta Login (Analytics Dashboard): To access all the account information and to track the analytics of your followers, you can use the Dashboard. Here you can track likes and comments. In addition, you can remove the target hashtags and accounts that are not performing well and add new ones. They also allow updating your Kicksta account info like passwords, billings etc. right from the Dashboard.Followers Gained Graph - Kicksta
  • Dedicated Customer Support Team: For services like these one needs great customer support which Kicksta seems to understand. You can contact their support team via live chat or emails anytime 24*7. And what’s more, for the Professional Plan Holders they have a dedicated Customer Success Manager. They will help you with selecting and optimizing your targets for your specific account.

How Does It Work?

How it works - Kicksta

Well, as Kicksta aims at providing the right audience, for doing so they engage with the post and photos of the users similar to your accounts. Then the users get notified and they in return check your profile and account. Rest it is up to the users if they are willing to follow you or not, thus making sure that you get real followers who are interested in your profile, content, or products.

As the accounts that Kicksta targets are similar or interested in your content, it increases the chances of them following you back. This way you can focus on improving your profile, its contents, products, and other business activity, while Kicksta does the social growth for you. You can learn more about it on their official website.

Kicksta Pricing

Now to start increasing engagement and followers for your Instagram account, you can choose from the given two Kicksta pricing plans:

  • Standard Plan at $49/month (Billed monthly) –  Here you will get all the basic features like Steady account growth, 10 targets, video onboarding, safe and secure. In addition, you can also contact the customer support 24*7.
  • Premium Plan at $99/month(Billed monthly) – In addition to all the features in the Standart Plan, here you will get Max growth, 40 targets, Live Chat and as mentioned earlier a Success Customer Manager. Not only this, here you can apply the target filter based on Gender, Hashtags, Locations, and Blacklist.

Is Kicksta Legit? Conclusion

Kicksta is a perfectly legit platform to use for those Instagram users or business profiles who are looking to increase their followers and engagement.

This service is reliable, safe and easy, simply making sure you get the right target audience without breaking a sweat from your side. All you have to do is focus on your profile content, products, or business and let Kicksta do the rest.

I surely will recommend using their service for sure.

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