Top 13 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For Better Experience

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

According to me, any earphone or headphone you buy should support the noise cancelling feature. Not only it helps in removing extra noise and sound from the outside world but also aids in a better music and audio quality even at a lower volume. So check out all these top noise cancelling headphones that are … Read more

Azulle Access3 PC Stick Review: Up There With The Competition

Azulle Access3 Mini PC Stick Review

PC Sticks have been slowly gaining popularity among tech enthusiasts. Before, Laptop was the only device that was used for same computer usage and was also portable. But PC sticks have transformed that portability to a whole new level. They are bigger than pen drives but still, they can fit anywhere, even when traveling. You … Read more

10 Best 4K Video Recording Camera Smartphones To Replace Your DSLR

Best 4K Camera Smartphones

Smartphones are quickly replacing DSLRs now. They provide a ton of features and can be even carried inside pockets. Most of the shots come better with the phone as compared to cameras, especially for beginners. But what about videos? Well, when it comes to video recording, smartphones are already way ahead of DSLR cameras. You … Read more

World’s 10 Most Expensive Smartwatches Till Now

most expensive smartwatches in the world

After looking at Samsung gear and Apple smartwatch, have you ever wondered that smartwatch is so costly? You have no idea how costly the smartwatches can be. Have a look at the top 10 most expensive Smartwatches ever. Most Expensive & Luxurious Smartwatches All Around The World 1. Tag Heuer Connected Price: US$1500 This Smartwatch was … Read more

totallee Phone Case Review For iPhone 11, Galaxy S20+, S10: Basic Protection Without Adding Bulk

totallee phone cases for iPhone 6 Galaxy S8 S9+ Review

Own an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy series phone? Then you definitely would like to show if off time to time. Samsung and Apple both are creating the thinnest smartphones that are packed with the best features for video and photo capturing. No wonder users love and adore these gadgets. But sometimes do you feel like your … Read more

BlitzWolf Wireless Sports Earphones Review (BW-BTS2): Amazingly Waterproof At A Fair Price

BlitzWolf BW-BTS2 Waterproof Earphones review

If you are into physical training, fitness, running, cycling or any type of sports activity then you might also know the importance of music while you’re at it. I am a runner and I hardly remember a run which I enjoyed without music. In case you too share the same feeling, then you need a good … Read more

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case For Galaxy S8 Review: Best Protection Your Phone Can Get

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Galaxy S8 rEVIEW

Even though S8 is an almost a year old smartphone but it still is one of the best Flagships phone packed with great features. If you have purchased it recently or own one for some time now then it’s time to get some protection for it. Spending around $500 for a smartphone demands extra carefulness … Read more

Top 7 Best Lavalier Mics For Creating Excellent Audio And Video Content In Your Creator Studio

Top 7 Best Lavalier Mics

Planning to start your own YouTube channel or make some tutorials? Having a mic with good sound recording quality is essential for creating such videos. It is pretty common that as soon as the viewers hear the poor sound, they skip the video. If you are new to recording videos/audios, it is good to start with … Read more

Top 7 Best Smallest Smart 24-Inch TVs For This Year: Read My Reviews And Buying Guide!

Smallest Smart TVs

Smart TVs have almost taken over the television market lately. They are liked so much because of their network-based content that is in trend all over the world. I was searching for a smart TV for my friend who lives in a small room. A lack of space was his big concern, so I ended … Read more