Type in Hindi in iPhone easily with Transliteration Keybaord in iOS 9

This article will let you know how to type in Hindi in iPhone or iPad easily with new feature/keyboard added in iOS 9. How to send messages in Hindi by typing in English? 

UPDATE: The article is updated with steps for iOS 10.

iOS 9 was released yesterday i.e. September 16, 2015 and made available for iOS users to download on their iPhone/iPad/ iPod Touch.With a lot of exciting features like Proactive, Multitasking, improvements in keyboard etc. ,  iOS 9 makes iPhone a lot more intelligent than ever. Everyone by now might have seen the new keyboard where the confusion is now removed whether Capital Letters are enabled or not. However, if you explore more features and go to the next level you will find a new keyboard added which make typing in Hindi effortless. You type in as usual in English and the keyboard will convert English letters to their equivalent Hindi letters. 

How to type in Hindi in iPhone / iPad 

Earlier, if you desired to type in Hindi you had to use the Hindi letters which we all are not comfortable with or at least most of the users so to say. Now with a new transliteration keyboard added you can use the English letters/words and it will be converted to equivalent Hindi letters/words. 

Follow the steps given below to add the Transliteration Keyboard in your iPhone/iPad :

  • Go to Settings App
  • Under Settings Select General
  • Tap on Keyboard in General Settings
  • Under Keyboards settings select Keyboards at the top.
  • Select Add New Keyboard… under Keyboards
  • Select Hindi in Add New Keyboard…
  • Under Hindi, a new Keyboard Transliteration is added. Select it
  • Tap on Done at top right corner 

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With this, you have successfully added Transliteration keyboard and you can send messages, take notes, write mails in Hindi by typing in English which will be so fast and convenient compared to typing Hindi letters.

Once you have added the keyboard use the Globe button in the Keyboard to Switch to Hindi Transliteration keyboard in order to use it.

Type in Hindi with Transliteration Keyboard in iPhone
Typing in Hindi with Transliteration Keyboard

This Keyboard definitely made typing and sending messages in Hindi in iPhone very easy for me. Previously, I was hardly using Hindi Keyboard because of its complexity( as I am used to English Keyboard like most of the users). What are your thoughts, did you increase your typing speed in Hindi?



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