26 Trello Keyboard Shortcuts For Enhanced Experience

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In Project management tools like Trello, you generally have to manage a lot of things altogether. If you are working on multiple projects, then you probably have to jump from one board to another. And within a single board, you’ll have to continuously navigate through different cards to move and edit them as per their status.

Doing this much work manually in itself is really tiring and time-consuming. And on top of that, you have to navigate or save details each and every time using your touchpad/mouse. But we all know that this kind of work gets much easier and faster when done through shortcuts.

That is why in this article we are going to provide you with each and every Trello keyboard shortcut to make it work for you even faster. So let’s get it started.

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Trello Keyboard Shortcuts For Cards

Cards are surely the most integral part of a Board. They are mostly used to represent tasks, so they are very frequently moved, edited or archived according to their status. And managing too many cards at once can get a little hectic. However, managing cards can get much easier with these Trello shortcuts.

1. Navigate Cards

You can very easily navigate from one card to another within a list. Like if you want to navigate to the card which is above the current card, then you’ll have to press the “Up/J” key to do that. And to move down from the current card, you’ll have to press the “Down/K” key.

Moreover, you can also navigate from cards of one list to another list. Like if you want to jump to the cards of the second list, then you can do that by pressing the “right” key on the keyboard. And you can jump back to the previous list by pressing the “Left” key.

2. Archive Cards

To archive the Trello cards in the fastest way possible, take the cursor over the card and then press “C”.

3. Due Date For Card

If you want to set a due date for a particular card, then you can open the due date picker by pressing “D” while keeping the cursor over that card.

4. Quick Edit Mode

To launch the quick edit mode for a card, hover the cursor over that card and press “E”.

5. Open Card

To open a card just press “Enter” while keeping the cursor over it. Moreover, if you want a card to open up as soon as you submit it, then press “Shift+Enter” while submitting it.

6. Open Card Filter

 If you want to search for a card, then you can open the card filter by simply pressing the “F” Key.

7. Insert New Card

If you want to create a new card, then take your cursor to the position where you want the new card to be, and then press “N”.

8. Assign Cards To Self

If you want to assign a card to yourself, then you can do that by taking the cursor over that card and then pressing “Space”. You’ll now see your avatar appearing on that card.

9. My Cards Filter

Now that you’ve learned to assign cards to yourself, then you should also know how to filter out all the cards assigned to you. You can do that very easily by pressing “Q”.

10. Clear All Filters

After filtering out cards, you can clear all the filters by pressing “X” key on your keyboard.

11. Watch A Card

 If you want to keep an eye over any particular card, then just press “S” while hovering over that card. Now you’ll get the notifications when anything is changed on that card.

12. Edit Title

To edit the title of a card, take the cursor over it and press “t”.

13. Vote On A Card

You can add or remove your vote on a card by taking the cursor over it and pressing “V”. Do note that you must be using Voting Power-up for this to work in the first place.

14. Autocomplete Position

While creating a new card, you can set a position of that card within that list, or you can move it to another list. To set a position for the card within that list, press “^” and then type a position like “Top” or “bottom” and then press “Enter”. The card will now jump to the selected position.Trello Keyboard Shortcuts - autocomplete position

On the other hand, to move that card to another list, press “^” with the name of another list and then press “Enter“. The card will now reposition to the respective list.Shortcut in Trello - autocomplete position to reposition cards to another list

15. Autocomplete Labels

You can use a shortcut in Trello to add labels to a card that is being created. To do that while creating a card, first press “#” and then type a “name” or “color” of the label to see a related list of options.autocomplete label

Other Trello Shortcuts

16. Open Header Boards Menu

You can open the Boards menu by pressing “B” on your keyboard. The search bar in boards menu will automatically be highlighted, so you can search and navigate by up and down arrows.

17. Focus On Search Box

If you want to open the search box in the header, then you can do that by pressing “/”.

18. Add List

You can add a new list without clicking on “add another list.” option. Just click the left mouse button twice to add a new list. Moreover, you can double tap on the position where you want your new list to be.

19. Add/Remove Members

If you want to manage the member section of the board, then you can do that by pressing “M”. Now, you can remove or add members to the board.

20. Save Text

If you are editing or adding new text in cards, description or in the title, then you can save your text by pressing Control+Enter on Windows. While on Mac, you can do that by pressing Command+Enter.

21. Toggle Label Names

You can hide or show the names of labels with each and every card by pressing “;” Key on your keyboard. Press it once to show all the label names, and again press it to hide the names.

22. Toggle Board Menu

By pressing “W” key on your keyboard, you can directly open your board menu. And if you want to close it, then you can again press “W” to do that.

23. Autocomplete Members

If you are commenting on a card and want to mention someone on that comment, then you can do that by typing “@” plus that member’s name. You can use this same Trello shortcut to assign a card to a member while creating a new card.

24. Label

If you want to add a label to a card, then you can open the label menu by pressing “L” on the keyboard. Furthermore, you can also use the number keys given below to assign a particular color to a card.


25. Close Menu

If you want to close a window, then you can do that by pressing “Esc”.

26. Open Shortcuts Page

In order to access the Trello keyboard shortcuts list while working on a board, then you just have to press “Shift” and “/” key combination to open the keyboard shortcuts page.


That’s it, these are all the Trello shortcuts that can be used to work faster. And thankfully, most of the shortcut keys for Trello are really easy to remember. But if you still find it difficult to remember these shortcut keys, then you can always access the shortcuts page while working on Trello.

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