How To Invite And Add People To Board On Trello

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Trello is one of the leading project management tools out there. It lets you organize your project in forms of boards, which can further be subcategorized into lists and cards. Basically, you can separate out the relevant aspects of a project and track their performance more efficiently. Moreover, you can add members by inviting them to a particular board, if they are also working on that project. This feature is really amazing because no matter how far all the members are from each other, they still can work together and track the overall performance.

And when you add members to a Board, you can also manage that member’s permissions. Well, there’s little more to that. But no worries because we are going to clear that up in this article, along with a step by step guide for inviting members to a Board on Trello.

Invite People To Board On Trello

Inviting members to board is a very simple process, and it can be done by two methods. First one is by sending an invitation to a person through their Email ID if they are not on Trello. And if that person is already on Trello, they can simply become a member by clicking on the invitation.

The second method is by creating a direct Link to the Board. The link can be sent to multiple people at once, and they simply have to click on the link to become a member.

(Note: Do note that in both the methods, if the invited person is not already on Trello, then they’ll have to sign up to become a member)

Method 1: Sending An Invitation

  1. First, Log In on Trello and select the Board to which you want to add the members.Log In on Trello and select the board
  2. After getting to the selected board, click on the Invite Button.Click on invite button
  3. Now type the E-mail address of that person if they are not on Trello, and if they already are, then simply type their name. (Note: You can add multiple names and Email address to invite a number of people at once)Typing the email or name to invite to board
  4. And finally, click on “Send Invitation”Add members to board on Trello

Method 2: Add Members To Board On Trello By Creating A Link

  1. Like with the first method, Log In on Trello and get to the board to add members.
  2. Now, click on the “Invite Button” and you’ll see a “Create Link” option on the bottom right.creating the invitation link
  3. Click on it and you’ll see a link appearing on the bar.Invite people to board on Trello
  4. Now, simply copy the link and share it with anyone to invite them to board.

Changing Permissions Of Members

Done with adding the members to the board? Now you can just follow these simple steps to change the permissions of the added members. But do note, that to do this you must have “Admin Permissions” for yourself on the Board.

Managing Permissions

Managing permissions for a new member depends on the authority/position of the person who is adding that member. Basically, there are 2 types of permission that can be given to a member to assign his position on the board.

  • First is “Admin Permissions,” in which a person is allowed to add new members as well as manage their permissions.
  • And the second is “Normal Permission.” For someone having normal permissions means that they are allowed to add members to the board, but not to change their permissions.


  1. Presuming that you’re already on that particular board, you’ll be able to see Profile Icons for every member on the left of the Invite Button.Profile icons for members
  2. Click on the Profile icon of a member to see their permissions. Then click on “Change Permissions.”changing the permissions of members
  3. By default, they’ll be having “Normal Permissions.” But you can change the Permissions Settings to Admin.selecting the type of permission

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So that was it, you were able to add members to Board on Trello while changing their permissions. It wasn’t that hard after all, was it? Adding members and working on a project remotely is so much easier with applications like Trello. But sometimes the interface of these kinds of tools can be little overwhelming and confusing for beginners. That is why we tried our best to guide you through each and every step of this process. And we really hope that it worked for you. But if you still have any questions or any kind of confusion, then leave a comment down below. We’ll be more than happy to answer each and every one of you.

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Shivam is a blogger who is always fascinated with the technology and the amount of knowledge he can gather from the internet. He is trying to nerdify everyone around him with that same knowledge, through his writings.

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