How to Transfer Data From an Android or An Old iPhone to A New iPhone Easily And Securely

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Earlier we shared a Freeware MobiMover which could help you move data between iPhone’s.

However, what if you want something more than that like transferring data from Android to iPhone?

To take care of that we are here with another incredible software that can not only help you transfer data from old iPhone or Android to new iPhone but do a lot more.

iMobie’s owned AnyTrans which I reviewed earlier focusing on the feature to transfer files between computer and iPhone also supports moving data between phones. Using it, you can easily transfer data from old phone to new one.

Here’s how.

How to Transfer Data From Android to New iPhone

1. Download AnyTrans from their official website. It has a FREE trial version and is available for both Windows and Mac.

2. Launch AnyTrans after it is successfully installed on your computer. For the purpose of moving data between phones, we are going to use iOS Mover feature. So, click on its icon at the top center.

iOS Mover - AnyTrans

3. Connect both source and target phones. In my case, the source is Android and target is iPhone. It is also possible to transfer data between two iPhones. As I am transferring data from Android to iPhone the software will install AnyTrans app on Android device. After that wait for a few minutes while software loads data from the smartphone. Now, click on Content to iOS.

4. On the next screen, select the target device and click on right arrow to proceed further. Also, turn off Find My iPhone on your iOS device.

Transfer data from Android to iPhone using AnyTrans

5. Now, select the type of files you wish to transfer and click on the right arrow. It is possible to transfer music, movies, photos, messages, ringtones, call logs, books and calendars using iOS Mover.

Transfer Data From Old iPhone or Android to New iPhone 8-X

With this, the software will prepare the data and start transferring. Depending on the amount of data you will have to wait.

Data Transfer in process - AnyTrans

In my case, I selected Ringtones just to test if they are converted to supported iOS format. And that is exactly what software did it converted the ringtones to .m4r format and then synced them to iPhone.

Data Transferred successfully - AnyTrans

If you have just bought or planning to upgrade to latest iPhone then you must consider AnyTrans to move your valuable data easily and safely to the new iPhone.

It supports transfer from both iPhone and Android unlike many other iPhone data management software’s.

Apart from that, it also packs a lot of features like cloning, merging and moving of specific files between phones. Check it out!

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