How To Clear Google Play Store Search History

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Google Play Store is a great place to find new apps and games for your Android devices. However, when you search for apps on Play Store then these searches are saved in the history. The same happens with the uninstalled apps you have installed previously on your device as a list of these apps is saved under the Play Store library. This means that anyone having access to your phone can see what apps you have searched and installed on your device previously, which is a serious privacy concern.

To make the Play Store more private you can delete your searches and library at regular intervals. This way no one can view your searches and library even they have access to your phone. However, if you don’t know how to clear Play Store search history and Library then you can read this tutorial.

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View Your Google Play Search History

If you wish to view your search history before deleting it then you can also do that. However, there is no option to view your searches on the Play Store app, but we have a workaround that will help you to do the same.

1. Visit My Activity on your desktop or phone’s browser and sign in into your account if not done already. Make sure you log in with the same account which is synced with Google Play Store. Now click on the + icon next to Filter by date & product.  

google my activity

2. In the new window, scroll down and select Google Play Store and click on Apply.

filter options

Doing so will ensure that you only get to see your Play Store search history among other Google services/products.

3. Now, on the next page, you will only be able to see the Play Store search history in chronological order.

view play store search history

Here you can also delete your search history after viewing it by clicking on the trash icon. However, you can only do that individually. It’s not a wise decision to go this way if you have a long list of searches. So, keep reading to learn to delete all the searches at once.

Clear Google Play Search History

Clearing the Play Store search history is an easy task. However, you should remember that you must be logged in to Play Store with your Google account for which you want to clear the search history. Once you are logged in just follow these steps and your work will be done.

1. Open Play Store application and tap on the Hamburger icon at the top left. Alternatively, you can swipe right from the left side of the screen. Doing this you will get the Play Store menu bar. Here go to the bottom and look for Settings and then tap on it.

Play Store Settings - How to clear Google Play Search History

2. Inside Settings, you will be able to see Clear Local Search History. Tap on it and all your previous search history will be removed.

clear local Google Play search history

That’s it, you have cleared history for all your previous searches at once.

Delete Play Store Library

Play Store Library contains the list of apps that you previously installed on your Android device but are no longer installed on your phone. Here’s how you can clear it.

1. Open the Play Store and tap on the menu at the top left corner. Now select My apps & games.

Apps & Games

2. Next, select the Library tab. Here you will see the complete list of apps that were installed on your phone previously. To remove any app from your Library,  just tap on the X icon next to it.

clear Play Store Library

A pop up will appear, click on Ok to remove the app for good.

Note: Sadly, there is no option available to remove all apps at once from your Google Play Library. So, if you want to clear your library, you will have to remove apps one by one.

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Final Say

With this method, you can also clear search and installed app history for your other Google Play Store accounts from the same device. You just have to log in with the targeted Play Store ID and repeat the same steps mentioned above. We hope you got to know how to delete Google Play search history and installed app history.

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