How To Clear Google Play Store Search History

Google Play Store offers amazing apps and games that one can download on their Android devices. You can also search for a particular item by typing its name on the search bar. But often the name of the apps that we search are saved in the search history. You may want to clear it for keeping others and the children out of knowing your personal searches, which can be embarrassing sometimes.

Or you have some of your own reasons to do so. Deleting the search history for Google Play is really easy, but in case you are not aware of it or are new to Play Store, don’t worry we got you. Here we are going to share steps to clear Google Play Store search history.

Delete Local Google Play Store Search History

As mentioned earlier, clearing the Google Play Store Seach history is very easy. Remember you must be logged in to your Google account for which you want to clear the search history for. Once you are logged in just follow these steps and your work will be done.

Step 1

Open Play Store application and tap on the Hamburger icon at the top left. Alternatively, you can swipe right from the left side of the screen. Doing this you will get the Play Store menu bar.

Play Store Settings - How to clear Google Play Store Search History

Step 2

In the Play Store menu, swipe to the bottom and look for Settings and then tap on it.

Step 3

Inside the setting, you will be able to see Clear Local Search History. Tap on it and all your previous search history will be removed. That’s it, you have cleared history for all your previous searches.

Step 3 - clear local Google Play search history

Final Say

By this method, you can also clear search history for other Google Play Store accounts from a single device. You just have to log in with the targeted Play Store ID and repeat the same steps mentioned above. Hope you got how to delete Google Play search history. And feel free to put any of your queries regarding this topic with us.

Hitesh Sharma
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