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A picture is worth a thousand words, and Focused focuses on this aspect of a photograph. It is an interactive site for stock photographs created by DepositPhotos. DepositPhotos has been in the run since 2009 and houses a huge collection of photographs, videos, graphic designs, and vectors as well. It boasts of 15 million+ content in its website which is accessible to 192 countries.

Focused Collection ReviewFocused Collection

Focused Collection was born in 2018 in the month of February, off DepositPhotos. It was created by handpicking various premium artworks, works of photography by eminent artists. Focused Collection is a platform wherein exclusive sellers and needy buyers of photographs can come together. It takes a lot of time to browse through all the millions of photographs and get that ultimate picture that suits the theme of a site, a webpage or any piece of work.

Focused was developed with the intent of cutting down on that time, as the best photographs are available on this site. This platform is also beneficial to budding photographers as they can easily display their works and put it up for sale. With Focused, now the best around the world is at your fingertips.

Getting Started

Logging in to Focused Collection is one of the easiest things. The user just needs to type in the email address and generate a password. A confirmation page is immediately mailed to the user, clicking wherein leads to the creation of an account. Creating an account in Focused is completely free of any charge. An account once created would ask for details of a card as the method of payment but a user need not pay anything unless an attractive photograph catches the eye. Once logged in the user is brought to a whole world of photographs that can be used for numerous purposes.

Ease Of Use

The user interface of Focused is a lovely creation. It is very simple in structure and yet is embedded in an attractive shell. The site is tremendously easy to use. It features a huge search box at the top of the page which will definitely fall into one’s view. At the bottom of the page is also given a list of Categories. Every aspect of life is covered in the list of categories which is comprised of 30 different genres of available photographs. It ranges from themes like Science, Art Objects, and Architecture & Buildings to our daily needs such as Food & Drink, Medicine & Health, and Jewelry & Gems. Whatever be the need of a user, Focused Collection has his back.Focused Collection Image Categories

Focused Collection is an interactive website that is made for a varied user base. It is featured in eight different languages. The basic page is created in English but it is available in German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese and Ukrainian. All the features noted in the page, be it the caption of a photograph, or the License Agreement, is available in all these eight different languages for the convenience of users.

The photographs are also available in varying formats depending upon the needs of a user. The standard, original size of the images is XL which has a huge resolution and can even be printed upon A3 sheets. The photographs are available in two lower resolutions as well, namely S and L. A File, once purchased from this site can be downloaded by a user as many times as is required for a period of one year after payment. These Files can be put up to any use, anywhere, only restricted by the Terms of Use. However, when using a File, the user should bear in mind not to put it any use which exceeds the fixed resolution of a File.

This site is also characterized by its separate horde of Editorial Use Only Files. These files have a limited license and can be used in areas such as newspapers, blogs, online articles and other such minor uses (meaning that it does not add any substantial value to a product). The Editorial Only Files are available at a much cheaper rate compared to the other photographs available on this site.

Special Features

The S and L Files are available with a standard license and can be suitably utilized in any website that hosts unlimited visitors daily. The standard license also entails multi-seat use (upon request), and creation of all products and so on. The XL files which are the original files can be purchased with an enhanced license agreement which provides certain add-ons.

  • Firstly the XL files can be used for the creation of a product wherein the File plays a major role (meaning that the File affects how a customer will view the product or adds substantial value to the product).
  • The XL files are also available to any user with an extra-legal warranty.

Pricing & Payment

Focused Collections accepts payment only by means of a card. This site is designed to accept payments from Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Discover, and American Express cards. The procedure is simple and is similar to any other card paying option. The wonderful works of art are available at different prices depending upon the resolution of the File that is being purchased. Premium stock photographs are available at $149 for the S size, $249 for the L size and $549 for the XL size. The Editorial Only Files are available at a much lower price range- $49 for the S size, $199 for the L size and $449 for the XL size.Pricing

License & Terms Of Use

Focused Collection has a strict License Agreement and Terms of Use policy which they rigidly manage. For the convenience of all users, these license clauses are available in multiple languages. Focused Collection is likely to terminate the use of the Files if the account holder has pending payment left in his account. The user will only be allowed to use the Files again once all pending payments have been made.

Users are not allowed to use the Files for resale or major use unless they have acquired an enhanced license to do so. A user can purchase a File for a customer; however, if it is likely to be distributed among multiple customers, the File must be bought for each individual customer. It is mandatory that any user goes through all the nooks and corners of the license agreement before the purchase of any File from this site.

Leverage Over Others

  • The site houses a massive collection of personally chosen premium stock photographs.
  • Simple to use site to acquire dashing photographs for business and industrial sites.
  • Signing up to Focused Collection is free of hassle as well as charges.
  • The site boasts of nicely categorized Files making the desired content super easy to find and access.
  • The site is available in multiple languages which makes it appealing to a large array of users not comfortable with English.


  • The Files are priced very high and therefore accessible to the bigger businesses and industries.
  • Focused Collection has no monthly or annual plans which make the purchase of stock photographs much easier.
  • It does not provide any discounted rate for making multiple purchases.

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To SummariseFocused Collection Review

Focused Collection is definitely a lovely place to get a huge collection of stock photographs. It features the artists who upload their work and hence can also be used by these artists as a live blog. It is an interactive, highly accessible platform for both the artists and the buyers. With its strong License Agreement, it supports the artists to a great extent. Except for the high payment that one has to make a purchase on this site, it is a great place to look for the most attractive stock photographs for any theme.

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