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Content is the key to any marketing campaign. But if you spend most of your time and energy in writing content then how can you put your efforts in other areas which are also of utmost importance for a successful campaign. Spending countless hours coming up with content is a thing of the past now with so many freelancing sites available on the market. However, while using those platforms, the challenge is to pick the right person to create the content you need. Each writer is an expert in their own right but in a different field.

This is where EssayPro comes into play. It is a service connecting its users to a network of quality writers that can easily help anyone get the writing assistance they need. So, what do they offer?

EssayPro Review

This is a website where you can submit a topics requirements and the writers of EssayPro will give you the complete essay or your desired writings well before the deadline. Despite it being a paid service anyone can register to create an account and log in for free.

EssayPro review


  • Essay writing
  • Custom essay writing
  • Admission essay writing
  • Dissertation writing
  • Research paper writing
  • Admission essay writing

Ordering Process

After logging in, click on Place Order and start specifying your paper requirements. After that, pick a writer of your choice by bidding. You can chat with the writer if you want. And once the article is completed, you can release the agreed upon amount and then download the paper.

EssayPro working


  • Get an approximate price estimation by using the calculator on the home page
  • You can provide as many details as you want while placing the order to make sure you get your money’s worth.
  • After choosing the writer, you can directly chat with them to make sure they have a clear understanding of the requirements.


Price varies on the basis of the type of article, number of words, writers bid, and other factors as well.


  • Calculate and estimate the price without even placing the order.
  • Live chat with the writer.
  • Finding those writers who are best suited for your papers.
  • Customize the paper requirements according to your own needs.
  • Simple and easy user interface.
  • Great customer support.EssayPro specify


  • App not available.
  • Paid service.
  • Sometimes the top writers which you would like to pick are already reserved. So it is advisable to order in advance.

Is EssayPro Worth It?

One of the better services out there with so many scam sites available. What I really liked about EssayPro, in particular, is their live writer chat. That shows their concern for complete users satisfaction. Apart from that, the interface is easy to use and rather straightforward. You will hardly find any difficulties using this site.

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