10 Best Yelp Alternatives For Honest Reviews

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Let’s jump directly to the issue here. Yelp is great and all but is widely known for faulty reviews. There is no doubt that their reviews are paid. So, how can anyone trust their reviews and ratings? Therefore, we are providing you with the best Yelp alternatives which provide honest consumer reviews that are submitted by normal everyday users only.

Sites Like Yelp With A Different Taste

1. Foursquare

Sites like yelp - Foursquare

A similar website like Yelp to find the places to drink, eat, shop, fun, and many more. Just simply enter the city and what exactly are you looking for and click on search. It will display all the results related to the keyword that you have entered along with their location on the map. And if you click on any of those results then it will open a separate page for displaying their photos, users’ reviews, ratings, tips, features, and open or closed status.

Reviews are given by the users making it more reliable than Yelp. Apart from that, you can also browse through the available categories from the drop-down menu which includes top picks, trending, food, coffee, nightlife, fun, shopping, and breakfast.

2. FreeAdsTime


FreeAdsTime is a must-see website if you’re after a Yelp alternative. It’s rather easy to navigate this website as it enables you to choose your city right from their homepage. You can expect to come across almost any business category by visiting their business pages. They support categories such as restaurants, automotive, and events services and they tend to add to their categories over time.
Another benefit of FreeAdsTime is that they cover a large number of cities. They support over 20,000 cities in the US and they are covering a large number of cities across the globe. Go ahead and give them a visit!

3. FinderMaster


FinderMaster does offer its services similar to how Yelp offers its services. The map feature on FinderMaster makes your experience as great as it can be. This website figures out the user location and it displays the country that visitor is in right off the bat. This makes the user feel welcomed and it just makes the whole experience more pleasant.
They do offer the typical categories that business listing websites offer and yet again their website modern look and feel makes you want to spend more time on their site. If you’re a business owner, claiming or posting business can be done in minutes. Visit it now!

4. Local.com


Using this website, you can find everything going on in your city. And by everything, I mean literally everything. Simply enter what you want to search along with the city name and it will display the results just like any search engine would along with their location on the map. Simply click on any result and the website will show you the reviews regarding the same. Owners can even add their business to this website’s listing.

5. Angie’s list

Best Yelp Alternatives - Angies List

This website is also for both, the users as well as the owners. Let’s talk about users. In order to search for local vendors or service providers, they will need to sign up first. You can register for free using the green membership plan and start finding out about the review for local stores submitted by other users. Their team also works on eliminating anonyms reviews from the website making it a much better option than Yelp. You can also find product reviews in Angie’s list such as bathrooms, cabinet, and countertops, household items and many more.

And for owners and contributors, it is a complete package. They can find the required tools and a team to start working on their business exposure. And they can also seek job request through the website’s message center.

6. WhoDoYou


An easy and simple website to find honest and trustworthy reviews about local businesses. Their reviews are authentic as compared to Yelp because they are based on the conversations between friends on social media posts, making this website as one of the best Yelp alternatives. And they also follow the typical review system also in which any user can add their honest opinions regarding a business. You can perform the search by entering the business type and the city name as usual.

7. Zomato

Zomato - alternative to Yelp for restaurants

This website is solely based on restaurants. If you want to find any nearby restaurants or check review about any particular one then it can be easily done on Zomato. Reviews are submitted by users and customers along with the star ratings, so you don’t have to be the first one to try it ever.

Apart from that, you can also order food online, check out photos, overview, and menu using their website or even their app from your smartphones. Previously in 2015, Zomato acquired UrbanScoop to become what it is today.

8. Glassdoor


What if you want to find out about honest reviews about any company or an organization? Then Glassdoor is the best option for you. All those reviews are based on the experience of employees, some of them which have previously worked there. And they are not just normal reviews, you can find everything from salaries for a particular position, interview questions, and much more information.

9. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor - best yelp alternatives

Saving the best Yelp alternative one for the last. The name of this website may seem like a platform for booking holiday packages; which is true. But apart from booking, you can find everything about the places where you are traveling to, including hotels, restaurants, travel feed, reviews, flights, things to do, and my favorite travel forums. And I personally loved their support team which takes your comments and reviews seriously and revert back as soon as they can.

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Honorable Mention

10. Business.com


This website is mainly for finding out the strategies and tools to grow your business to the next level. Here you will find everything from the basics of business, finance, marketing, technology, and human resources. Using their report card feature, you will be able to find the online review of your business by their experts.


These were my top picks for the best Yelp alternatives. If you ask me then TripAdvisor will be definitely my first choice. But if you are not that much into traveling then you can also go for Foursquare. It is exactly like Yelp without any hocus-pocus. On an ending note, all these sites have honest reviews and ratings which are submitted by users like you and me. So there’s nothing to worry about.

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