How To Delete Strava Account

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Strava no doubt is a great fitness tracking platform, however, there are plenty of other running apps available in the market. If you wish to use other apps over Strava to track your running or cycling then you can always do that. But, before switching to some other platforms it’s ideal to delete your account on Strava.

Deleting accounts will ensure that none of your personal details stay with Strava, once you leave it for good. Also, if you have Strava summit activated on your account then it’s better to first opt-out from the premium membership and then delete your account. You can take the help of this step by step tutorial to do the same.

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Cancel Strava Summit

Strava’s premium membership widely known as Strava Summit is a great addition to the platform as it provides a lot of value to its users. However, if you are willing to lose your Strava account then the first step would be canceling your premium membership.

However, you should keep in mind that you can only cancel Strava Summit from the platform which you used while opting for it. This means that if you have opted for the membership using the website then you can only cancel it from the website, and the same goes for the Android and iOS platforms as well.

Cancel Summit Subscription Activated On The Website

1. Vist Strava from a browser on your desktop and go to Settings under your profile icon. Next under your Strava Settings select My Account from the left side.Strava settings my account

2. On the My Account page, select Change Membership under Your Summit Packs. Next, on the bottom of the screen select Cancel Summit Membership.

cancel Strava summit from website

With this, your membership will be canceled for good.

Premium Cancellation On Android From Google Play Store

Payments and recurring payments are handled by Play Store when you purchase premium membership from the Strava Android app. Hence, you can only cancel the Strava summit from the Google Play Store itself.

1. Open the Play Store app and tap on the menu icon and select Subscriptions.Play Store Subscription

2. On the next screen, select Strava. Finally, under Manage subscription tap on Cancel subscription.Strava summit cancelation on Play Store Android

Now, you can easily cancel the membership form here.

Canceling Strava Summit On iOS

As in the case of Android devices, the membership subscription is handled by Play Store, similarly, it is handled by iTunes on iOS devices.

You can go through our article on canceling App Store subscriptions to know the steps.

Note: You will remain a Premium member even after canceling the membership on Strava until your membership expires.

Permanently Delete Strava Account

If you have finally made your mind and want to get rid of Strava permanently, then you can do that by following the steps shown below. However, you can not use your Android or iPhone to do this as this feature is only available on the Strava website.

1. Visit the Strava site and log in to your account. Now, go to Settings under your profile icon from the top right corner. Next, select My Account from the left side of the screen.

strava account

2. On the Account page, scroll to the bottom and select Get Started under Download or Delete Your Account.

Get Started

3. Next, under Account Download and Deletion, You can choose to request for downloading your archive which will include your activities, photos, routes, and posts by clicking on the Request Your Archive button.

Download Archives

Your archives will be mailed to you on your registered email ID in a few days’ time. The download link in the email will be accessible for 48 hours. In case you do not want to download your archives then you can skip to the next step.

4. Under Deletion Request, check the box saying I downloaded or don’t want to download my data. Next, click on Request Account Deletion.

Delete Strava account

After this, you will get a confirmation mail on your email account that is registered with Strava. Now just follow the instructions in the email to completely delete your account.

Consequences Of Deleting Strava Account

Deleting account on Strava is an irreversible process and once you delete your account all your data will be removed from the Strava database. As soon as your account is permanently deleted, you will be removed from all the heatmaps, clubs, leaderboards and challenges.

However, some of your data that is created for the Strava community like the public routes and segments will remain on Strava.

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So this is how you can easily delete your Strava account. Moreover, you can now cancel your Strava Summit premium membership as well. We hope you liked our tutorial and will share it with others. If you face any issue then you can tell us in the comments below.

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Ankit is a tech enthusiast and loves to write. He is also very keen on gadgets and smartphones. Likes to read tech blogs and gain as much knowledge as he can.

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