Best way to download YouTube Videos directly

The best way to download YouTube videos directly is now unveiled here at TechUntold. You might have seen various ways of downloading YouTube videos on internet. Some of them uses software’s like YouTube Downloader, IDM and many others and some ask you to copy the url and paste it to some website from where you will get download links, but you have to remember such sites to download YouTube videos. Below is the easiest, shortest and time saving method to download YouTube videos.

Best way to download YouTube Videos directly

In this method you just have to alter the url of the YouTube videos  you want to download.

Below are the steps to download YouTube videos:

  1. In YouTube, open the video you want to download.
  2. You will see the url of the video in address bar at top. Here you need to modify your video url. You just have to enter “ss” in the url. Suppose if the url of the video is “” then you have to alter it to “”.
  3. That’s it, it will automatically navigate you to a website where you can see the links to download YouTube videos.
  4. Here you can download the video of different resolutions. You will also get the option to download it as an audio file.


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Whats the best part of the above method to download YouTube video is you don’t need any software, you don’t have to remember any website to download YouTube videos. What you have to remember is to add “ss” to the video url. Isn’t it is the best way to download YouTube videos and quickest one. Do share your thoughts via comments.



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