7 Best Time Tracking Apps Like Quality Time To Increase Productivity

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Smartphones are the most used product nowadays as they provide you with all the services and entertainment in your hands. Using smartphones all the time can be very dangerous in a long run. It may lead to ignorance of work and the people around you. No matter how great the smartphone is, you should always be cautious regarding its usage. You can damage your eyes, have Text-Claw syndrome or may suffer from many other side effect caused due to the smartphones addiction.

There are many ways in which you can learn to reduce the usage of your smartphone and increase productivity. By tracking the usage of your smartphones you can check which app you use more and make improvements. So we bring some of the best time tracking apps to track the time spend on your smartphones to get the daily usage.

1. Quality Time

QualityTime - best app to track time

Now as we already know smartphone addiction is very dangerous so to track the usage and activity of your smartphones we start with Quality Time. It is a wonderful app with which you can monitor the usage of your smartphone. You can monitor the daily usage of apps and total active screen time of the device.

To check the data of your device used for a week or a day just swipe up or down on the screen. To have more data for the week or day swipe left or right. It will provide you with all the details of different apps and the time you have spent on them. You will also get to know for how long the device is being used and how many times you have unlocked it.

You can also control and limit the usage of the device and the apps. If you want, it can set break schedules in which the app will stop the usage of your device for the time you have selected.

Link: QualityTime

2. App Usage

App Usage - best apps to track time

In this app, you will get all the information of the screen time of your device. You can see the time you are spending in using an app or how many time the device is unlocked. This app will also provide you with the app information and the history of its usage. You will be notified for almost every activity you do on your smartphone.

Apart from this, set over-usage reminder to get notified if you use an app for a long time. You can also add some apps to the ignore list. Ignore list is for the apps for which you do not want to track usage. You can also check the history according to days, week or months. It also allows saving the data history of your device.

The app will only track the usage for apps after installation.

Link: App Usage

3. AntiSocial: Phone Addiction

AntiSocial - monitor your phone usages

AntiSocial helps in monitoring, comparing and controlling your smartphone usage. This app will track the usage habit of your smartphone according to your gender and age. It will compare it with other users according to your demographics.

The app will monitor how many times you have unlocked the device and how much time you spend using different apps. Agree or not the thing we do the most in our daily routine is checking our social media. It will keep the track of the time for the usage of social media apps. You can set daily limits for using social networks.

Furthermore, you can also block the apps which you use the most for restricted access. This app will also allow you to set schedules for the day, month and time for blocking the use of certain apps. One best thing about this app is that it will give tips for saving your time.

Link: AntiSocial

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4. Off the Grid – Digital Detox

Off the Grid

After using the apps to monitor your phone usage time, still, you are unable to cure your smartphone addiction? Having dinner with your family but can’t help using the smartphone more often or out with friends but all you can think about is your social world rather than the real one? Then Off the Grid is for you.

This app is like Quality Time which will help you get off the grid with your smartphones. You can lock your device for a particular time so that you stay away from using it at that moment. This app will lock the device for the time you have decided and it will unlock only when the time is over. If you want to unlock the device before the scheduled time then you will have to pay $1 for that or you can also enable watch video ad to unlock. You can also schedule time and date if you want the device to be locked in the future.

Wondering if you miss any call or notifications during the locked period? You can add app and contacts in the whitelist. You can access those apps, notifications, messages, and contacts that are selected in the whitelist. It will enable auto-reply for the messaging apps and reply to the messages you get on your behalf.

Link: Off the Grid

5. Space

SPACE - device usage tracker

Space, a perfect way to break the addiction of your smartphone with one of the best time tracking apps. With the help of this app, you can change the usage habit of smartphones. You can monitor the screen time and compare it with the average time that should be spent on it.

Moving on, the app is great with good UI and animations. My Profile will show you the goals that can be set. You can set the allowance for the screen time and the number of times the device can be unlocked. Apart from this, you can mark apps which could be kept aside and no monitoring will be done for it. It also allows adding contacts for making and receiving calls without monitoring or restricting them.

Check your Progress by comparing data for different days and see how much you have improved. You can also add your friend and compare the progress among each other. As you complete a goal you will get Achievements which will help in motivating youMoving ahead, this app has Toolkits which will allow you in guiding and notifying the access usage. Some of them will block your notification, inform if you are unlocking device too much or interrupt if you use the device for too long and few more tools for making you break the addiction.

Link: SPACE for Android | SPACE for iOS

6. Moment – Screen Time Tracker


Get to know the active screen time of your iPhone device with Moment. With this app, you can see for how long your device is being used and how many times you unlocked it. You can see the screen time for different days here.

You will also be able to monitor the app usage of the device in Insight. iOS device has a strict app policy and due to that, it is difficult to find an accurate data for the usage of the apps. But to resolve it, Moment determines the usage by the percentage of the battery used by different apps. You just have to take screenshots of the battery usage in settings of the device and it will show you the data for the usage of the apps. This app will remind you to take screenshots whenever it is required.

You can also opt for a Coach which will guide and teach you to reduce your device usage. Apart from this, it can set reminders and limits for reducing the use of your smartphones. The app will alert you when it senses that the device is been used for too long. You can also monitor the usage of the devices of your friends and family and limit it from your device itself. For that, you will have to buy a premium subscription.

Link: Moment

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7. RealizD


With this app, you can track the screen time and the habits of your device usage. It will show how many time you have unlocked the device and for how long you have been using it just like Moment app. This app can only monitor your screen time, no app usage tracking is there.

You can see you Activity regarding the longest use of your device. It will show you at what time of the day and for how long you have used the device. In Insights you can see the usage for a day, month, week or a whole year. This app will also provide challenges which you can help to take some time off from the screen. You can challenge your friends and family and compare the results.

You can set limits for the screen usage in Control section and get notified when you spend too much time on your device. In addition to that, you can also monitor and control the screen usage for your family like Moment by purchasing a subscription for that.

Link: RealizD

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Best Time Tracking Apps: Stay Away From Smartphone Addiction

Every coin has two sides but we mostly see only one. Same is with smartphones, we see the services and entertainment they can provide but we forget that everything has its limits. We already have discussed phone addiction and how it can affect our lives. So I hope no one has to suffer from the addition of smartphone and if you feel like you are about to be addicted to it, then you can try out these apps. They will definitely show you the real usage of your devices and on the contrary help you in reducing it.

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