10 Of The Best Gaming Glasses To Keep Your Eyes Strain-Free

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Playing games requires a lot of exposure to the eyes. TVs monitors, desktops and smartphones all emit bright colorful light for great display output. And looking at them directly for a long time can strain your eyes, affect your vision and also cause fatigue. But if you want to be safe and play video games without any risk then you can use gaming glasses.

Best Gaming Glasses For Filtering The Blue Light

There are many gaming glasses available in the market that you can buy. But we have made the list of the best gaming glasses that you can get on Amazon right away.

1. J+S

J+S - Best Gaming glasses

J+S are simple looking glasses and will help you in reducing the effect of the light-emitting from the screen and monitors. It has a simple classy thin frame and low tint lenses that can stop 90% of the harmful light rays from being exposed to your eyes. These are some of the best budget gaming glasses that you can buy.

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2. Gunnar Optiks

prescription gaming glasses - Gunnar optiks

These gaming glasses are even prescribed and trusted by many doctors around the world to help in reducing the risk of blue light and UV lights emitted through various screens. Gunnars is anti-glare, prevents dry eyes, and reduces digital eye strain with the yellow lens. The frames are wide for allowing a better panoramic view for the digital screens and yet lightweight and comfortable. It can stop 100% of the UV light and 65% of the blue light-emitting from the screens.

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3. Gunnar Optiks Phantom

Gunnar Optiks Phantom

Yet another glasses from Gunnar which will give your eyes a healthy environment while playing games or sitting in front of computers for a long time. All the features of this gaming glasses are similar to the Gunnar Optiks mentioned above. What it has different is the style and the stainless steel frame. It is curved for a better and comfortable fit and full eye protection from every angle with 65% of the blue light and 99% of the UV lights.

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ACBLUCE has a completely different design and is made specifically for people who spend a lot of time in front of digital and electronic screens. It has a frameless structure and wider glass lens for overall protection unlike the others in this best gaming glasses list. You will get 90% protection from high energy lights, and 100% from UV lights. This glass will filter 33% of the artificial blue light.

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These glasses have a design like J+S glasses. It will also help you in protecting your eyes and reduce the negative effects of long screen exposures. Unlike most of the gaming glasses, it has clear lenses which allow less color distortion than compared to the yellow or tint lenses. Whether you are watching, movies, TV, Netflix or even playing games for hours it can help in reducing 60% of the harmful blue lights from reaching your eyes.

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6. Wayfarer Gaming Glasses

Wayfarer Gaming Glasses

These glasses are way too cheap as to what they look like, completely stylish. The yellow lens will block the artificial blue lights and cool down the temperature of other bright colors exposing to your eyes. Now look cool and protect your eyes at the same time.

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7. KLIM Optics

KLIM optics - best gaming glasses

These are some of the best gaming glasses with a much better protection level from blue lights as compared to others. The design of these glasses is very simple, with a yellow lens. This lens will protect your eyes from 85% percent of the harmful blue light which is definitely much better than other gaming glasses. Never face dry eyes, fatigue or have trouble sleeping due to the digital screen again.

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8. Clip-on Blocking Amber Lens

best gaming glasses on amazon - Clip-on

This product is perfect for those people who already wear glasses. It is just a clip-on lens that you can put into any ordinary glasses that you are wearing. The orange tint will keep your eyes safe from strains, dryness, and other negative effects of the blue and heavy energy lights. It can block 100% of artificial lights from high wavelengths including UV and blue lights. And 99% of the lights from critical wavelength(above 450 nm- 510 nm) which is not available in most of the gaming glasses mentioned above.

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9. Gamma Ray 900

Gamma Ray 900

Gamma Ray 900 is another classy looking gaming glasses with orange color lenses for computer gaming and other displays. These are cheap gaming glasses with great user response. Using these glasses will improve your vision and reduce negative effects like eye strain, headaches and sleep disturbance. These glasses reduce the effect of blue rays by 98% and you can easily play games or watch anything on the desktop for long hours.

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10. HyperX Gaming Eyewear

HyperX Gaming Eyewear

These are the costliest gaming eyewear in the list and it has reasons for the same. HyperX made of premium MR-8 material which blocks the blue light with minimum color distortion and is water and oil repellent. They have the crystal clear lens to get a perfect view of the display without sacrificing any quality and yet having the full protection of the eyes. And not only that they are also stylish as they are crafted with hand.

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What Are Gaming Glasses?

Gaming glasses reduce the effect of the blue and high energy light (ranging from 300-450 nm wavelength) emitting from the monitors. These glasses will not only reduce the lights but also help you see clear, sharper, and improve your productivity. Every glass has a different kind of lens and tints with various colors.


You can select from these gaming glasses and play your favorite games or watch TVs for a longer period of time without sacrificing the health of the eye. The best glasses from the list are Gunnar Opticks as they are not that costly and also recommended by many doctors to people who spend long hours in front of the screens. If you want the best gaming glasses in a budget then you can go for Gamma-Ray 900 or Wayfarer. Both are stylish and will make your eyes strain-free.

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